Wall Surrounds

Asheville South Tub and Shower Wall Systems



Grout is a common material used in bathrooms to hold tiles together. While it certainly is a cheaper material to use, it's not waterproof. Due to its porosity, it is prone to water damage and mold growth. 

Five Star Bath Solutions of Asheville South offers grout-free bathrooms. You'll never have to worry about water seeping through with our waterproof products. 

You can enjoy your bathrooms for many years to come because they'll be waterproof from the ceiling to the floor. We put an extra sealant coating on all the products available at Five Star Bath Solutions to ensure no water passes through them. 

Rather than giving you conventional moisture-resistant backing, our wall systems are equipped with a waterproof backer. When the foundation of your shower is waterproof, you can have peace of mind. 

Expert Technicians

We use the best products and the best technicians to ensure quality results. Our expert technicians have in-depth knowledge about bathroom remodeling and can recreate any bathroom of your liking. 

Instead of choosing a cheap remodeling contractor who uses cheap products, choose us as your remodeling contractor, and we'll do a job that will last a lifetime. We have a reputation, and we try our best to hold our position at the remodeling industry's top. 

Customized Wall Surrounds

Shower Wall Surrounds

Five Star Bath Solutions of Asheville South offers durable and beautiful wall surrounds so you can create the bathroom of your dreams. Our innovative products combined with our exclusive installation process offer our customers the best bathroom remodeling experience. Our unique features that can beautify bathrooms include:

  • Full floor-to-ceiling continuous walls
  • A wide variety of colors and textures
  • Well-designed natural stone color selections

24-Hour Installations

Five Star Bath Solutions of Asheville South can often complete the bathroom remodeling project within 24 hours. We don't like to keep you waiting for weeks before you can enjoy your new bathroom. You don't have to camp in someone else's bathroom at all. Get started on your bathroom remodeling project today by calling (828) 347-9208. Our helpful representative will schedule your free estimate in the comfort of your home.