Wall Surrounds

Beaumont Tub and Shower Wall Systems


For over a decade now, Bath Solutions of Beaumont has been building the most elegant wall surround systems for residents in the area. There are numerous reasons why Bath Solutions of Beaumont is the prime choice for homeowners looking for the most exquisite wall surrounds, accessories, and fixtures for their bathrooms. Chief among them is our commitment towards finishing any kind of job in just 24 hours. Within this short time frame, we can seamlessly install the most reliable products made from premium-grade material. You will be hard-pressed to find this level of efficiency, productivity and quality anywhere else.

Extensive Service Offering

Shower wall surrounds constructed from cultured marble and grout-free tubs are some of the great products that we can provide for you to give an exotic new look to your bathroom. We have all kinds of style and design at your disposal to match your unique lifestyle. Find customized solutions and personalized designs to create the chic bathroom that you always dreamed off.

Bath Solutions of Beaumont provides a full spectrum of specialist services to successfully execute any bathroom project, no matter how challenging it may be. Our drive and commitment to quality are second to none. Looking for a gorgeous wall surround system? Then, you have come to the right place. We can install the most aesthetically appealing wall surround in just 24 hours. In fact, we can complete any kind of bathroom remodeling job within this time frame. We can thoroughly transform the appearance of your bathroom so that it looks perfectly new and immaculate. We can also provide plenty of options to extend the functionality of your bathroom. Your renovated bathroom will boost the value of your property.

Hassle-Free Installation

We custom-build the wall surround system of your choice and install it by covering your existing tiles. Thanks to this installation procedure, there is no need to demolish anything. You will certainly save much time and cost this way since demolition does not come cheap. Moreover, it is time-consuming. Hence, you can save time by doing away with demolition. We can get the job done quickly and economically for you so that you can save more and remain tension-free at the same time.

Wide Range of Design Options


We have a large portfolio of designs for you to choose from. With our extensive array of options, you will find many suitable choices for your own bathroom. No matter what your lifestyle and preferences, you can find the best pattern to bring out the brand new look that you always craved. Discover the most vibrant hues and eye-catching patterns to complement your existing décor.

Premium Quality Material

We attach the highest priority to customer satisfaction and peace of mind. To this end, we craft our custom-built wall systems from the highest-grade materials for unmatched quality and durability. Bath Solutions of Beaumont can help you to tailor your wall surround system so that blends in perfectly with your bathroom.

Unmatched Professionalism

Our professionals are certified, experienced and highly trained. Hence, they possess a comprehensive skill set for taking on the most arduous and challenging projects with absolute ease. They can seamlessly install all kinds of accessories, including built-in benches, soap dishes, shower caddies, shelves, and other finishing touches.

The installers will diligently measure the dimensions of the walls, shower and, bathtub so that the new wall system fits in perfectly. The installation procedure takes less than a day due to which there will be minimal disruption to your everyday routine. We use multi-layer acrylic material that is highly resistant to mold and mildew. Not only does the premium-grade material offer high strength to ensure greater durability, but it is also easy to clean for minimal maintenance.

Free In-House Consultation

You can schedule a free in-house consultation with us. During this meeting, our professionals will pay close attention to your requirements and devise the perfect solution for your needs. Thanks to their proficiency, meticulous attention to detail and creativity, our experts can suggest remodeling solutions that are personalized for your specific needs and goals. Contact Bath Solutions of Beaumont at (587) 317-7170 today.