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Is Your Shower Connected to a Garden Hose?

Michael went outdoors to avoid his bathroom, but you don’t have live
like that.
Turn your outdated, unsafe tub into a sleek walk-in shower in 1-2 days.​
Modern, beautiful & maintenance-free.​
Starting at $69/mo. With five star quality & service. Guaranteed!​
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We haven’t gotten around to converting our tub into something safer.

Meet Michael and Emily

A senior couple who dream of enjoying their Golden years right at home. The only hitch? Their outdated bathroom is more of a slippery adventure than a safe haven.

They long for a safe, accessible shower but dread what they feel will be too much hassle and cost to make the change.

Slipping and Falling

Michale and Emily’s getting more and more worried about slipping and falling. But ever the resourceful couple, they’ve come up with their own solution: using their camping shower! It’s unconventional, but hey, it’s safer and adds a bit more wake up in the morning!

With a safer shower they can enjoy bathing again without a second thought about slipping. Without it, they worry their home sweet home might not be so sweet - or safe - anymore.
So we’ve been using our camping shower instead!

Tired of living around your bathroom instead of in it?
You don’t have to live like that

When you choose the Five Star Experience
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Convert Your Tub into a Full Walk-in Shower

Beautiful, durable, warrantied and 100% waterproof for life.
Five Star Experience
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Learn about our Shower Conversion Services
Easily turn your Macomb home's old, nonfunctional, or unsafe bathtub space into an elegant walk-in shower in as little as one day.

Our shower conversion services will change your existing small, impractical bathtub into a larger, more functional, safer shower space for you and your family.

A beautiful walk-in shower from Five Star Bath Solutions not only provides easier and safer access to the shower, it will increase your bathing space by 40%! All in a simple, 1-2 day solution with five star quality and service.

Using proprietary installation procedures and state-of-the-art materials not available in big box stores, our shower conversion will not only improve your design and bathing space but will also upgrade you to more durable, easy to clean, mildew free bathing materials.

We back all our Macomb shower install and remodeling projects with our exclusive Lifetime Plus* fully transferable guarantee. We guarantee the following for life:

  • All Parts
  • All Materials
  • All Labor

You'll have peace of mind that if you ever have an issue with your new shower, your local Five Star Bath Solutions of Macomb installer will be there to fix it.

Your Dream Shower in 1-2 Days

Ready to say goodbye to your ugly, embarrassing or unsafe tub or shower? Tired of scrubbing, cleaning grout or using harsh chemicals? In just 1-2 days you can transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of maintenance-free timeless beauty. Schedule your free design session today and we'll bring your dream shower to life. View Appointment Times →
Beautiful, natural stone look without the cost or upkeep.
Full lifetime warranty on all materials, labor, and service
Maintenance free materials. Impervious to mold, mildew & water
No grout installation is 100% waterproof for life.
Easy step-in, non-slip flooring for safer bathing for the whole family
Your Dream Shower
Natural Stone Beauty
Full Lifetime Warranty
Easiest Clean Materials
No Grout. 100% Waterproof
Low Step, Non-slip Base

Five Star Results. Modest Prices

Finally, you can replace your outdated tile with hard to clean grout lines with a beautiful, custom function does not exist from Five Star Bath Solutions.
Before Bath Remodel
After Bath Remodel
Before Bath Remodel
After Bath Remodel
Before Bath Remodel
After Bath Remodel
Before Bath Remodel
After Bath Remodel
Before Bath Remodel
After Bath Remodel
With Five Star Bath Solutions, designer bath remodels can be achieved in as little as 1 day on any budget:


Ugly, embarrassing or outdated
Unsafe, slippery survaces
Hours scrubbing tile & resealing grout
Dingy mildew or mold
Cracked surfaces, invisible leaks


Beautiful natural stone
Worry-free non-slip flooring
Maintenance free, 100% waterproof
Healthier anti-microbial surfaces
Industries best full lifetime warranty
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Proven Results at Affordable Prices

Remodels in as 
little as 1 day
5 Star Reviews
Customer Satisfaction 

Explore Your

Let’s turn your dreams into reality.
Choose Your Design and Colors

Turn ‘Who Has the Time?’ into ‘We Love Our New Shower!’

For a short period, we are offering our full-service design consultation Free of charge. Book your appointment today and enjoy your:
Some conditions may apply.
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Free Design Session For a short period, we are offering our full-service design consultation Free of charge. Book your appointment today and enjoy your:

A comprehensive moisture and leak inspection, safety analysis, and expert recommendations.

Our professional designers will turn your vision into vivid reality. It’s not just planning; it’s bringing your dream to life.

Demo our cutting edge materials that solve your biggest bathing problems: design, safety, maintenance and longevity, all in an elegant, affordable solution.

Worried about hidden costs? Experience the peace of mind with knowing exactly what you’re paying for, tailored to your budget, without hidden fees.

We'll share the exciting details of your affordable and attractive financing options for any budget.

We'll go over the details of the industry's best full lifetime warranty, value guarantees on our workmanship, and 100% waterproof guarantee.

Based on 4000+ reviews
4.9 out of 5.0 Based on 10,000's of Verified Reviews
4.9 Google Rating Icon
Based on 5000+ Google verified reviews
Home Advisor Badge
Yelp 5-star Badge
Home Stars Verified Badge
Houzz Recommended Badge
Home Advisor Approved Badge
We love it!

Slip-Free Shower, Happy Campers!

Imagine a bathroom where you can move freely and safely, giving you the independence you deserve and your family the peace of mid they need. With Five Star Bath Solutions, you’ll enjoy:
Safety and Accessibility: Walk-in showers with non-slip flooring and full safety features
Peace of Mind: Full lifetime warranty on all parts, labor and materials
1-2 Day Installation: Convenient, fast, and hassle-free 1-2 Day Installation
Reserve Your Free Design Session

Why Schedule a FREE Design Session?

Bring your vision to life. Get professional design and insights.
Avoid costly mistakes with a through bathroom inspection, including our free moisture/leak testing.
See up close the beauty and quality of our “smart” shower materials.

This has exceeded our expectations. This shower is unbelievable!

Sherry Levin Macomb, MI


I am so in love with my new bathroom. No mess. No Fuss. Everything was just perfect!

Joe McSpadden Macomb, MI


Extremely easy to clean. Looks great. The install was so fast and so easy.

Tim Fullmer Macomb, MI

Gotcha Covered Video

They arrived around 10am and were gone around 4pm. Thank you! We are really happy!

Rick McGregor Macomb, MI

Google ReviewCustomer Review Rating
Josh and Charlene, Macomb, 2017-10-16
We had Five Star do a full remodel of our small first floor bath, and we couldn\'t be happier with the results! Dean was quick, knowledgeable, and efficient. Turning what was an eyesore into a bathroom we\'re proud of. We can\'t wait to show it off to friends and family. Thank you Five Star Bath Solutions!
Google ReviewCustomer Review Rating
Kirsten , Macomb, 2020-11-11
Had a great experience! Everything looks good, was one little problem and then came out quick to fix it! Would recommend to family and friends.
Google ReviewCustomer Review Rating
Melaniee Landrum, Macomb, 2017-09-08
I couldn\'t thank Dean and Jim for turning my boring walk in shower to a full bath tub. Its absolutely perfect!!

Your Questions, Answered.

What To Expect

What to expect with Five Star Bath Solutions of Macomb

Are We The Right Fit?

Is Five Star Bath Solutions of Macomb the right fit?
We use the latest shower material technology consisting of unique multi-layered, composite material developed to meet the demand for a permanent and maintenance-free option with the look of natural stone and granite in wet-wall bathroom applications.
Five Star Bath Solutions of Macomb specializes in tub to shower conversion. Not only can we do it, we can do it well.
This is seen as more of a partial remodel for those Warren homeowners who are looking to update bathrooms that may contain older tubs, chipped or cracked showers, or mold and mildew, or are looking for more functionality and bath space. It's an excellent option to refresh your bathroom and enlarge your bathing space without paying for an entire bathroom remodel.
Some of our customers have limited mobility and feel safer knowing they don't have to step over their tub to use the shower. Others want a more spacious, roomier shower to enjoy, and some want to remodel just because their current tub is an eyesore and doesn't fit their design goals.
In order to make our bathroom remodels more affordable than they already are, we offer financing. Everyone should have access to clean and safe bathing options.
If a qualifying home remodeling company meets all the same standards as Five Star Bath Solutions and submits a lower bid within 30 days of completion, then yes. We will refund the difference and give you a $100 within 30 days of receiving the written specifications and proposal from the qualified home remodeling company.
Bathtub fittings or liners merely covers your old problems with a new layer. At
Five Star Bath Solutions, we tear down to the studs and inspect so old problems can be fixed, rather than covered up. We provide a permanent solution

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