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October 19, 2022
Bathroom Budgeting: The Real Costs of a Bathroom Remodel

Does the idea of budgeting for a bathroom renovation make your bank account hurt? Whether you’re taking care of big problems or simply wanting to beautify your space, the idea of a renovation can be overwhelming—both mentally and financially. 

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November 7, 2022
Make Your Bathroom a Retreat: 10 Reasons for a Remodel

If I were to ask you to think about your favorite place in your home, which room comes to mind? Do you think of your cozy bedroom or sunlight-filled kitchen? The bathroom may not pop into your head right away, but we actually spend a significant portion of our lives there.

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October 26, 2022
Escape the Break and Repair Cycle: Renovate Your Bathroom

How many times on average do you walk into your bathroom each day? In addition to using the toilet, you probably shower or bathe daily, use the mirror to get ready, and wash your hands multiple times.  What does that add up to?  At least 8 times a day, and if you’ve got kids running […]

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