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Why did You Start Five Star Bath Solutions of Macomb?

I have been in the bathroom remodeling business for over 21 years. Over that time I have seen many companies come and go in the industry. I started Five Star Bath Solutions of Macomb to be part of a brand that cares about the customer. Successful home remodeling projects are more than just skilled labor and good materials. Success comes from systems and organizations that help the customer through the process. Five Star believes in this organization and provides the tools and support to help.

I wanted to create a company that people want to work for. A company that can support as many families as possible.

What is Unique About You as the Business Owner?

I absolutely love talking about bathrooms. After college I was a financial planner and very quickly realized that was not the path for me. Would have never thought bathroom remodeling was going to be my career but I have immersed myself in this field ever since. I have a passion for every aspect of the business.

I have been in this field for over 21 years. I'm a licensed contractor and apprentice plumber. Over those 21 years I have been sales manager, accountant, marketing director, Installation manager, sales person and installer. So far I have installed or coordinated the install for over 12,000 bathrooms in Michigan. I have also acted as VP of Sales and marketing for the manufacturer of our bath wall products.

What Do You Want Your Prospective Customers to Know?

We care. We are in the bathroom business to provide the best services that we possibly can. Sometimes that means we will need to pass on projects that are outside of the services that we excel at. We would rather not take a customer's money than commit to a project that we do not know will be 100% successful. Everyone on our team knows that we stand by our word and will always do what is right for our customers.

Every business in the market will always tell you they have the best product, best installers, etc. I would encourage customers to read our reviews and see what other customers just like yourself have to say about the commitment Five Star Bath Solutions has for our clients. We have unique products and services that no one else in the industry offers and bring a level of professionalism and integrity to every stage of business. From honest and helpful designers to a dedicated project superintendent and factory trained well prepared installers, we have tried to cover all of the bases to ensure a quality project every time.

What Makes You Different Than Other Bathroom Remodelers?

The number one problem in bathrooms is moisture. But most companies use only moisture resistant products behind their wall systems. We are the only bath and shower replacement company that offers a waterproof backer board on every single project. We know that every great shower is built on a great foundation.

We offer true waterproof protection. It is the construction methods of our showers that allow us to confidently offer a leak free / mold free guarantee for life. A shower remodel is something that a customer wants to do once and have the peace of mind that they will not have to bother with it again.

What Warranties or Guarantees Do You Provide Your Customers?

We provide a lifetime warranty on all of our products and services. It is a no questions asked guarantee that if there is ever an issue with a product that we have sold and installed we will replace or fix the material at no charge to the customer. This guarantee is transferable to a new home owner at no charge by simply calling our office to request the transfer.

What Excites You Most About Five Star Bath Solutions of Macomb?

For me it is the unique set of products and services that we offer. Bathtub and Shower remodeling can be a daunting endeavor. Five Star Bath Solutions makes it easy by laying out a curated group of products that are the best fit for our customers. We also focus on certain parts of the bathroom project which is why we are experts in those areas. These days it is all about specialization. By doing the leg work, Five Star Bath Solutions makes it easy for me to offer products to my customers that I can be confident will work, look great and last a lifetime.

Areas We Serve

Service Area

  • Macomb
  • Sterling Heights
  • Warren
  • Clinton Township
  • Shelby Township
  • St Clair Shores

Our Services

Get Five Star Services, Without the Cost

Have you ever signed a contract with someone, only to find out that the job wasn’t done to your satisfaction: shoddy workmanship, unfinished job, couldn’t contact them, cost you more than expected, etc.?

At Five Star Bath Solutions, we’ve made it our mission to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Our number one priority is customer service and satisfaction:

  • We use only the highest quality products
  • We train and certify all of our technicians
  • We work exclusively on bathroom remodels

All of this is done to make sure you are happy with the end results. We would rather not take a customer's money than commit to a project that we do not know will be 100% successful.

Specialty Work

Specialty WorkAt Five Star Bath Solutions, we focus solely on the bathroom so you can get the best experience possible. I’ve personally installed or coordinated the install for over 12,000 bathrooms here in Michigan.

Specializing our work means that we have more time to focus on each project and much more experience in doing that type of remodeling. We are experts in

  • Shower and Tub Conversions
  • Bath Remodel
  • Bath & Shower Combo
  • New Shower
  • Safety & Accessibility
  • Walk-In Bath

Designs, Colors, and Plans

Because we partner with so many manufacturing companies, we have a lot of designs, colors, and plans to choose from.
Customize your design.

When our technicians come out for the initial estimation, they will bring all color options, designs, and styles we offer.

We understand that not everybody knows what they want, they just need change.

Never fear. Our 3-D technology will show you exactly what your bathroom could look like according to the designs and colors you’ve chosen.

Ultimately, you will be the one who designs this bathroom.

Often, with other companies, people don’t know what’s being put into their bathroom until it is done. At Five Star Bath Solutions, you will be picking out the products yourself with guidance from experienced professionals. The process will be outlined and detailed from the very beginning.

Your satisfaction is our end goal. Laying out all the options and keeping you informed is one of our ways of showing that.

High-Quality Products

High-Quality Products

Our products are designed to look exactly like the stone or material you wish to imitate.

Our solutions offer the same strength and durability but come with advanced protection against mold and mildew. They are all waterproof from floor to ceiling.

You get the luxuries of having fine stone, without any deep cleaning or other burdens that come with it.

1-2 Day Installation

Time is money. This is why we focus on just bathrooms. We can devote the manpower necessary to get your job finished. Between the highly skilled technicians and the cutting-edge technology we use, most projects are wrapped-up within a day.

Hidden Problems

As part of our installation process, we inspect what’s already in your bathroom. After demolition, there’s an investigatory aspect to make sure nothing harmful was hidden behind your walls or in your plumbing such as:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Water Damage
  • Bad Pipes

We like our products to last, and fixing hidden problems goes a long way in doing that.

Many other companies will cover it up and hope it doesn’t resurface.

We’re not like that.

You want the best bathroom for your money and we’re here to give it to you.

Easy Scheduling

Easy Scheduling

Another benefit to working on just bathrooms is availability.

Our schedule is never too far out to turn away customers. Because we focus solely on bathrooms, it increases our availability.

Not only can we finish most jobs in a day, but we can start months before anyone else.

Expert Craftsmanship

How you install a bathroom is just as important as what products used to do so. That’s why we take the time to certify and license each of our installation technicians.

They go through extensive training, from the manufacturing companies themselves, to learn how to install these specialty products. If they can’t get certified, we don’t send them out.

Satisfaction GuaranteedRest assured, those we take on have 100’s of hours of combined experience in bathroom remodeling. You’re in good hands.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe that after investing in a remodeled bathroom, you deserve to be 100% satisfied with the work done.

That’s why we implemented a practice in our business called “post inspection.”

We come in, after the job is done, to inspect everything that was remodeled. If something isn’t perfect, we will redo it. If you have complaints, we can fix it.

We won’t leave the project until you tell us you’re 100% satisfied with the work.

Result To Expect

Get Five Star Results, Without the Price

Much like every other bathroom remodeling company you’ll come across, we profess to have excellent results. The difference is, we have numbers to back it up. Of the customers we’ve helped:

  • 94.5% rated every aspect of our service before, during, and after installation as excellent to outstanding
  • 98% said “we would do it again.”
  • We have tens of thousands of positive reviews

Compared to the 70% satisfactory rate of all contractors found by the Better Business Bureau, our results speak for themselves.

Lifetime Product Guarantee

In the beginning, our goal was to make everything water, mold, and mildew resistant. Lifetime Product GuaranteeWe knew high quality products and skilled installation would help, but there was another problem. The grout used to fill gaps between stone pieces was porous. It allowed water to get through and create mold, regardless of proper installation and product. So, we got rid of the gaps. We install full panels, which eliminates gaps and the need to fill them. It is the construction methods of our showers and the high quality materials that allow us to confidently offer a leak free / mold free product guaranteed for life. The water has nowhere to go after we apply our waterproof coating on the surface and extra safeguard layer behind the product. We are the only bath and shower replacement company that offers a waterproof backer board on every single project. Not only do we train and certify each technician, but the products we use are the best in their class. Once we’re through, water, mold, and mildew will no longer be a threat.

Low Maintenance and Easy Cleaning

Traditional tile and other stones require heavy maintenance. If not frequently cleaned, mold and mildew will grow. Low Maintenance and Easy CleaningQuite often, heavy cleaning chemicals are required to get the job done and even with all the proper equipment it still takes hours. We understand that you don’t have that kind of time to set aside. With our newest technology, the product we’ve created performs better than real stone and leaves the hassle behind:

  • Beautiful colors and style options
  • No grout to reseal or replace
  • No harsh cleaning chemicals necessary
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Never fading design
  • Guaranteed waterproof for life
  • Low and easy maintenance


Safety and Accessibility

Being able to be independent in the bathroom without a fear of falling is a major blessing that you deserve. It is a growing concern amongst people today as they consider their circumstances and look towards the future. Safety and AccessibilityIn order to accomplish this independence, we offer the following features on the job:

  • Safety Bars
  • Benches
  • Non-Slip Flooring
  • Low Threshold Shower Bases
  • Walk-In Tubs

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. So, if safety and accessibility is a concern for you, look no further. We won’t stop until you are comfortable in your own bathroom.


You Can Trust Us

We’ve been in business since 1996 and I’ve personally been in the bathroom remodeling business for 21+ years. Needless to say, we have made many friends since then. With our outstanding work ethic and high-quality products, we’ve either been recommended, verified, ranked, or approved by all of these companies:

You Can Trust Us

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Home Advisor
  • houzz
  • HomeStars
  • The Huffington Post
  • The Today Show
  • The Drum
  • SAP

If you’re looking for someone you can trust, look no further. You are the hero of our story, and we’re simply here to guide you through the process. That’s why we come highly recommended by some of the most trusted brands in America.

Warranties & Guarantees

Get a Five Star Warranty, Without the Hassle

Are you ready for your stuff to fall apart? 

At Five Star Bath Solutions, we aren’t either. 

Our products are top of the line and guaranteed for life. 

We’re confident enough in our work that our famous Five Star Warranty is offered with every job. It’s a lifetime, transferable warranty that will cover and replace anything we installed for free. 

No questions asked.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Remodeling a bathroom is a big commitment on your part. It takes time, money, and trust in your technicians. Once it’s all said and done, you want to know you made the right decision. 

At Five Star Bath Solutions, we understand this. It’s why, along with our outstanding service and expert craftsmanship, we offer our Five Star Warranty.

Any fears you have after the job is complete will be washed away. Our warranty:

Warranty Guaranteed

  • Covers everything from installation to labor and materials
  • Never expires
  • Is fully transferable
  • Is serviced by local contractors

You’ll never have to wonder if you made the right choice again. 

Our products will last a lifetime, but if something were to happen, we’ve got your back.   

Locally Serviced

Competitor warranties can be difficult to claim. 

Most of them are contracted out to a third-party company of people you don’t know, that come into your home and work on products they didn’t install. It’s not ideal by any means. 

However, because each warranty we offer is locally serviced, you won’t have to deal with that long process.

One quick call will get a technician out and the problem will be fixed, no questions asked. 

It doesn’t matter how, when, or what happened. You shouldn’t have to deal with call centers and third-party servicing. We back our own product and fix it ourselves if something happens.

Fully Transferable

This is a rare and valuable service that Five Star Bath Solutions offers to each and every customer.

A fully transferable warranty means that if you move, the warranty can be transferred to the new homeowner. It’s an easy process that doesn’t take long but adds value to your home.

Pricing & Payment Options

Get Five Star Pricing, Without the Hidden Fees

With Five Star Bath Solutions, you get the best of local and national businesses. Each location is owned locally, and each job is treated with the utmost care.

And due to our national presence, we can supply each local shop with the best products and tools at our national discount rate.

Because of this relationship, nobody can match the quality of work we put out for as low of a cost.

$1,000’s Less Than Traditional Remodeling

Because we are a large national chain, our purchasing power grants us discounts that our competitors don’t have. Rather than take advantage of the situation, we’re happy to pass all these savings directly down to you.

Five Star Pricing, Without the Hidden Fees

Each applicable discount will always be applied, so that you can save money and we can stick to our promise of five star quality without the five star price.

The core value of Five Star Bath Solutions is giving the most value for the lowest price. We believe everyone should be comfortable in their own bathroom.

Here are just a few of the benefits offered:

  • New technology guarantees a bathroom that’s waterproof for life
  • Fully transferable, complete lifetime warranty
  • Free design consultation
  • 1-2 day installation options
  • Huge inventory of colors and designs ready for you
  • Low Maintenance, easy to clean bathrooms

Easy Pay Financing Available

Everyone deserves a safe, accessible, and functioning bathroom. We make it possible for any budget with easy pay financing.

Our options for financing include $0 down and/or low payments, along with additional upfront savings.

Easy Pay Financing Available

Each plan is tailored to the customer and their needs. Don’t let pricing prevent you from obtaining the bathroom of your dreams.

Contact us for more details about possible financing options for you.

Accurate Estimates Honored at Closing

From the beginning, we’re open and honest about how much the project will cost. Our technicians are provided with the necessary equipment and knowledge to get you an accurate estimate. This is done for free and will be honored in the end when it comes time to pay.

There’s nothing hidden from you. Everything is placed on the estimate. We put all of our cards on the table before any contract is signed.

Increased Property Value

Potential home buyers care about bathrooms. If yours is out of date, or worse, non-functional, your property value will take a hit.

Increased Property Value

On the flip side, newly remodeled bathrooms attract buyers and increase appraisal values. Especially when our bathrooms come with a lifetime, transferable warranty.

It’s a wise investment that comes with extra comfort and convenience. You can’t put a price tag on that.

Call Five Star Bath Solutions today to find out for yourself just how affordable your dream bathroom really is.

Based on 5000+ reviews
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Since 1998

Easy selection process

During our visit, select products from the convenience of your home and expect an accurate quote following our consultation process.

Rapid response

Our customer service team strives to answer your phone calls and respond quickly to your inquiries. 

Quick install, quality service

From start to finish, our goal is to revitalize your bathroom space with expertise, skill and efficiency, while respecting you and your space, and time.
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A Message From Founder Dean Hartley
We believe that everyone deserves a bathroom that is both beautiful and functional, and we are here to make that a reality. Thank you for choosing Five Star Bath Solutions.

Five Star Bathroom Remodeling
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Five Star Expert Craftsmanship
Five Star Quality Modern Materials
Five Star Easy Clean Materials
Five Star Lifetime Warranty
Five Star Satisfaction Guarantee
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Unbeatable Macomb bathroom remodel value at an unbeatable price. Guaranteed.
  • Certified craftsman on every project
  • 10,000’s of bathrooms remodeled
  • Permanent solutions. No cover ups
  • Modern technology
  • Durable products
  • Lifetime warranty
  • All Products, labor, materials
  • Fully transferable
  • Serviced by local installer
  • Waterproof dense shield
  • Floor-to-ceiling protection against water damager
  • No grout installations
  • Pricing options to fit any budget
  • Smart pay financing options
  • Thousands less than traditional remodeling
  • Waterproof dense shield
  • Floor-to-ceiling protection against water damage
  • No grout installations
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This has exceeded our expectations. This shower is unbelievable!

Sherry Levin Macomb, MI


I am so in love with my new bathroom. No mess. No Fuss. Everything was just perfect!

Joe McSpadden Macomb, MI


Extremely easy to clean. Looks great. The install was so fast and so easy.

Tim Fullmer Macomb, MI

Gotcha Covered Video

They arrived around 10am and were gone around 4pm. Thank you! We are really happy!

Rick McGregor Macomb, MI

Google ReviewCustomer Review Rating
Josh and Charlene, Macomb, 2017-10-16
We had Five Star do a full remodel of our small first floor bath, and we couldn\'t be happier with the results! Dean was quick, knowledgeable, and efficient. Turning what was an eyesore into a bathroom we\'re proud of. We can\'t wait to show it off to friends and family. Thank you Five Star Bath Solutions!
Google ReviewCustomer Review Rating
Kirsten , Macomb, 2020-11-11
Had a great experience! Everything looks good, was one little problem and then came out quick to fix it! Would recommend to family and friends.
Google ReviewCustomer Review Rating
Melaniee Landrum, Macomb, 2017-09-08
I couldn\'t thank Dean and Jim for turning my boring walk in shower to a full bath tub. Its absolutely perfect!!

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What to expect with Five Star Bath Solutions of Macomb

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Is Five Star Bath Solutions of Macomb the right fit?
Our new bathroom remodels come with many advantages in todays market: We use only the highest quality bathroom remodeling products and materials. We back all parts, labor, and materials with a full lifetime warranty. Our materials are modern, grout free, impervious to mold and mildew with the look of beautiful natural stone and require less maintenance and no harsh chemicals for cleaning. There's zero down financing available and most of our remodels are completed within 1-2 days. Often, a new bathroom will raise the value of the home and property. We offer options for safer bathing for people that need extra accessibility. All around, we offer the most value and will price match to make getting a new bathroom remodel from Five Star Bath Solutions of Macomb your best choice.
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