Wall Surrounds

Brampton Tub and Shower Wall Systems


Five Star Bath Solutions of Brampton offers the finest quality tub and shower wall systems. Our quality bathroom renovations have made us the preferred bathroom renovation company in Brampton. You can select a bathtub that can meet your design and style requirements. Our tub and shower are perfect for all types of bathroom remodeling projects including multi-unit and single-unit bathrooms.

Affordable and Durable

If you are looking for a durable quality tub and shower wall systems, you should look no further than Five Star Bath Solutions of Brampton. Our high-quality wall systems are engineered to last for a long time. The wall surrounds are affordable. Here are some of the highlights of our tub and shower wall systems.

  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • High gloss material
  • Quick installation
  • Highest-quality durable material

Quick Installation

Our experienced installers can install the shower and tub wall surround in just one day. This is great in case you are pressed for time and can't allocate days for the bathroom renovation project. Our installers can quickly install the wall surrounds so that you don't have to wait long to use your bathroom.

Apart from quick installation, our professional installers will clean up any mess after installation. You won't have to worry about anything after installation of the bathtub. For a hassle-free installation of tub and shower wall surrounds, you should contact us today.

Wide Assortment of Bath Accessories

At Five Star Bath Solutions of Brampton, we offer the optimum comfort and convenience. We provide a lot of different bathroom accessories that can greatly increase the comfort and luxury of the bathroom. Some of the bath accessories that you can buy from us include the following.

  • Shower caddies
  • Shelves
  • Soap dishes
  • Built-in benches

Style and Luxury Combined


Our elegant and stylish tub and shower wall surround systems are aestheticly appealing. The stylish wall systems provide a bold statement. For the best in luxury and style, you should contact Five Star Bath Solutions of Brampton today to install wall surrounds.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

At Five Star Bath Solutions of Brampton, we strive to completely satisfy the design and budget needs of our customers. That's why we provide a large range of tub and shower wall systems and accessories. You can select a product that perfectly meets your requirements.

All our products are made of the finest quality materials. They are engineered to last for long. However, if our product develops any manufacturing defects such as discoloration, stain, and cracks, we can replace the product at no additional cost on your part.

Customized Bathroom Solutions

We provide custom-fit solutions that can perfectly meet your needs. Whether you have a modern or Victorian bathroom, we can create a bath solution that can match the existing decor. Once you contact us for tub and shower wall system installation, our designers will attentively listen to your needs and provide the best solution.

The experienced installers at Five Star Bath Solutions of Brampton will come to your place to take exact measurements. They will then offer you different options that can meet your budget requirements.

Wall Surrounds of Different Color and Sizes

At Five Star Bath Solutions of Brampton, we have wall surrounds of different sizes and colors. Whether you want traditional design wall surrounds, or one-of-a-kind unique design wall systems, we have you covered.

Contact Five Star Bath Solutions of Brampton at (647) 559-9594 today to instal shower/tub wall system and accessories.