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How Do I Turn My Bathtub Into a Shower?

The Five Star Bath Solutions Guide for Tub to Shower Conversion


Remodeling your bathroom can either be a dream come true or a nightmare you can’t escape.
While the two extremes seem far apart, there’s very little that separates them.

This guide was put together by expert craftsmen to help you experience the best bathroom remodel possible. You’ll learn how to make smart choices—and steer clear of common pitfalls—so you can avoid the living nightmare of a bad bathroom remodel.

With this guide, you will:
  • Discover trending bathroom designs and styles
  • Explore the pros and cons of remodeling
  • Find new safety options that are now available
  • Learn the process of a tub-to-shower conversion
  • Save money and time with tips in the guide
  • Avoid common mistakes made during remodeling
Invest some time into this guide and go into your tub-to-shower conversion as a newfound expert. Getting it right the first time is more important now than ever.

This guide can make that happen.
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Shower Before
Shower After

What Is a Tub to Shower Conversion?

A tub to shower conversion means replacing your old tub with a new shower.

Switching out a tub for a shower improves the aesthetics and accessibility of your bathroom. It’ll make the room feel more spacious as a whole while giving you up to 40% more bathing space.

Hello, new bathing experience!

Reasons to Convert to a Shower

There are countless reasons to convert your outdated tub into a modern shower, and every situation offers a different motivation. Here are a few of the top motivations we hear from customers when they reach out to us:
Extra bathing space
Increase safety and accessibility
Boost home value
Save water
Decrease maintenance
Follow design trends
Whatever your reasons, it’s important to put some time into research. Look into:
Understanding the pros and cons of a tub to shower conversion
Design options
The cost and the savings involved
Conversion processes
Doing this will make you certain you’ve made the right decision, not just the easy one.
An informed decision could make all the difference between your dream bathroom and a living nightmare.

Getting Started

You’ve made the decision that you’re ready for a change, so what’s next? It’s time to sit down, think things through, and make a plan. That might sound like a big task, but we’re here to help make it manageable.

This comprehensive guide walks you through everything you need to know before you begin: