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About Us

Transforming Bathrooms,
Providing Value, Enriching Lives.
We’re committed to our customers, our franchisees, and the areas that they call home.
Bathroom Remodeller

Our Mission

Creating Value & Transforming Communities, One Bathroom at a Time.

Every week across North America, our franchisees and their teams are showing customers that it’s possible to transform their bathroom into a space they love for a reasonable price.

By focusing on our primary mission, we’re able to accomplish so much more. Individuals become business owners, service providers, and pillars of their community. They can help others accomplish their goals and add value to their lives.

Our Story

How to Provide Excellent
Small-Business Service: Start as One.

In 1996, in Ontario, Canada, we set out to provide affordable bath and shower solutions to one community. We quickly discovered there was a widely unmet need for what we provided.

After many successful years, we wanted to see if our model was replicable. The answer was an astounding yes, and in the decade since, we’ve expanded across the US and Canada to provide new communities the same quality and level of service we’ve delivered since day one.

We never forgot where we started, it’s what guides our actions across the continent.

Small Business Service
Before Bath Remodel After Bath Remodel

How We’re Different

Fast, affordable, and beautiful.

As we expand, franchisees continue to report the same thing: we're providing an unmet need to their community.

People want a beautiful, durable, and easy-to-maintain bathing area that isn’t absurdly expensive. They want to feel like it’s their bathroom, not a cookie-cutter bathroom from a catalog. From our experience, we knew this was possible and in many cases, the best option available.

We have a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating and
4.8 stars on Google
We’ve opened ## new locations over the last 5 years
We finish the job in 1-2 days, 21 days less than the national average


Chad Jones, CEO

Chad Jones, CEO

Chad focuses his efforts on delivering results. Chad Oversees all corporate compliance within the Five Star Bath Solutions brand and drives value back to their franchise partners. Franchise unit sales are one of the best metrics of success in the franchising world, and he has proven his ability to close as Five Star brands continue to see success.
Dean Hartley, President

Dean Hartley, President

Dean joined the bathroom remodeling business over 20 years ago to step away from his life as a financial planner. Since then, he’s worked just about every job in the business and has coordinated over 12,000 bathroom renovations himself. Today, he owns 8 franchise locations and continues to look for ways to expand the brand and please customers.

Vinny Spinning, Director of Marketing

Vinny brings a decades of marketing experience to Five Star Bath Solutions. This includes 10 years of specialization in franchise marketing. His approach is balanced, helping both brand and locations expand their markets. Vinny is excited to help deliver customers unmatched service while becoming the continent’s premier bathroom renovation company.

Who We Serve

Our Customer Base is Everyone!
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2 Countries
70 Location
10,000+ Jobs

It’s simple, we pair a quality product with unbeatable service, and people of all ages, areas, and economic backgrounds reach out. Every home needs what we offer, we just made it easier to obtain.

Who We Serve

Our Values


Unmatched respect for you and your home. We understand we’re guests and act accordingly.


Each Five Star designer and installer is a certified professional in their trade. We never send in amateurs.


Words, promises, and timelines matter. We fulfill our commitments and remain available at all times.


From each material to the final outcome, every detail matters. We don’t cut corners under any circumstances.

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Our home is your home too!
With dozens of locations and more on the way, every area is a Five Star Bath Solutions area.
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