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We Used to Hate
Our Bathroom

Annie & Randy decided they were ready to turn their limiting, uninviting bathroom into a more functional, comfortable, and usable bathing space.
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We Found Ourselves Not
Utilizing This Bathroom

When we built the home, the second bath just came standard. It's not something that we really paid any attention to.

We found ourselves not even utilizing this bathroom like we really should. But as we've upgraded different parts of our home, that was one thing that needed to go.
Annie & Randy Testimonial
Bathroom Remodeling

We Had Thought It Would
Cost More & Take Longer

So we've been planning on remodeling this bathroom for a while, and we kept holding it off because we thought that it would cost a lot more than what Five Star Bath Solutions did.

We talked to other people around and we were planning on three to six months for our bathroom to be redone and like $30,000. It was going to be expensive. It would be a process.
Money Value

They Said Two Days, and We
Literally Did Hold Our Breath

I didn't know if it was really realistic because Five Star Bath Solutions was like, yeah, we can get this done in a couple of days. It was half the price of anything else we had looked at. I was very skeptical.
Shower Conversion
When the team arrived, they were very professional. They wanted to make sure there was a limited amount of dust flying around, so they closed the door and made sure that I didn't have the AC on.

They also laid down dropcloths the hall right into the bathroom from the front door. So, anything they carried through the house was on those dropcloths.

The Time Frame 
was Outstanding

Shower Conversion

Our Design Rep Felt Like
He Was on Our Team

When we were sitting down and talking to the representative, he didn't feel like a salesman. He felt like a representative.

He felt like he was somebody that was on our team, helping us get the best bathroom remodel that we could possibly get.

I Loved Sitting Down With Someone That Could
Explain the Bathroom Remodeling Process

I have a really hard time seeing something unless it's already done and to be able to see it all 3D and all laid out and have him explain step by step what was going to happen. For someone that doesn't know anything about construction, it made it look very simple, very easy, and it made me excited to move forward.
3d Model

Their Lifetime Warranty &
Financing Made It
Easy to Start

They were talking to us and talking price, they also talked about the possibilities of some financing, but we had already saved up enough that we were able to just go ahead and start the process right there. But it was pretty awesome that they had that financing available.

The other cool thing is that they have a lifetime warranty, and if we move out of our home and sell it, that warranty transfers to the new homeowner.
Randy and Annie Testimonial
We can't foresee any problems in the future, so to have that warranty back us up makes us feel a lot better about the product and about the future.
Shower Conversion

Mold Can't Grow In It Like It
Does In Tile and Grout

The mold can't grow in it like it does in tile and in grout. It's a surface that dries and the mold won't grow in it. They take a lot of pride in their product, and we could feel that from their people to their materials.

A company that comes in and remodels your entire bathroom, your shower, and everything in two days. Who does that? To think that that happened in two days just blew my mind.

I Love That It Looks
Like Real Marble!

We actually had an opportunity, between the construction and them installing it to actually look at it outside in sunlight and I was blown away.

When the final product was done, it looks like, in our case, a full slab of beautiful marble.
Shower Conversion Material
Shower Conversion

When We First Saw It,
It Was Like Christmas,
We Were So Excited

The space is completely different. It felt like almost double the space. It was so open and beautiful. Honestly, if anybody's considering doing their bathroom, you got to go through these guys.

They are the top notch. A lot of times you're wondering if you can find somebody you can even trust. We trusted them, Five Star Bath Solutions, and they delivered.

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