Wall Surrounds

Louisville East Tub and Shower Wall Systems

shower-wall-surroundsIf your bathroom is looking old and dilapidated with leaky fixtures, you need a new shower wall surround. We at Five Star Bath Solutions of Louisville East have just the product for you. One that will turn your old bathroom into a fully functional bathroom one that will look and feel both stylish and luxurious. Best of all, we will be in and out within 24 hours. This way you will be able to enjoy your new shower wall surround within one day.

This is why whenever Louisville homeowners want a beautiful highly functional shower wall surround, Five Star Bath Solutions of Louisville East is the very first name that comes to mind. We offer highly creative, original, and imaginative designs not found anywhere else.

Renovate Your Bathroom and Make It the Most Luxurious Part of Your House!

In many cases, an extensive bathroom remodeling project can easily turn out to be a very long and cumbersome process. This holds particularly true if you are interested in something beyond cosmetics such as a fresh coat of paint for instance, or newly polished faucets. Five Star Bath Solutions of Louisville East has the capability to install a brand new and absolutely beautiful wall shower surround system within one day!

We offer a wide variety of customizable wall surrounds that can immediately transform your old bathroom into a gorgeous work of art. Apart from the functionality, installing these state-of-the-art wall shower surrounds can also help to increase the value of your property.

Beautiful and Elegant Bath Wall Enclosures

Our cutting edge Five Star Bath Solutions wall surround systems have been designed to cover all of your old and delipidated fixtures including the original tile walls and shower surrounds. There is no reason to carry out expensive and messy demolition work because we won’t be removing anything at all.

There is an added bonus here. Since your old tiles and other fixtures will be completely covered, there will be no need to keep cleaning them or trying to hide them behind shower curtains. On the contrary, you can leave the curtains drawn so that everyone who walks in would be able to take in the full beauty of your brand new wall shower surround system.

Multiple Designs and Color Schemes to Suit Every Taste

shower-wall-surroundsWe have a very large variety of amazing color schemes as well as different style options to satisfy every taste. Unlike other competing bathroom accessory retailers, we don’t just stick to the tried and tested catalog designs, but use our imagination to create out of the box concepts that are sure to appeal to even the most discerning buyers.

We Offer Long Term Solutions to All Your Bathroom Shower Wall Problems

Our aim is to ensure the complete peace of mind of our valued customers. In keeping this objective in mind, we use only the very highest quality materials to manufacture all of our exclusive wall shower surround systems. This way, you can be sure of a product that will last a very long time indeed.

Our highly skilled technicians will take the required measurements beforehand. This will allow us to adjust our fixtures so that they could be installed within as little as 24 hours of placement of the order.

This is the best way to ensure that there is no need to knock down the walls and install new water pipes and other permanent fixtures. Once we are done, we will clean everything up and invite you to step into a whole new world of luxury, beauty, and convenience!

Lifetime Warranties

We offer limited lifetime warranties for most of our products and we will replace or repair anything in the unlikely event that it does not work flawlessly. We also have flexible financing options so that you can install your favorite wall shower surround even on a limited budget.

Five Star Bath Solutions of Louisville East has a whole range of walk-in tubs and other products for your bathroom remodeling and renovation project. Just call us at (502) 200-1895 today, to purchase the shower wall surround system of your dreams!