Walk in Showers

Walk in showers are a fantastic alternative to standard bathtubs for a number of reason. More space, faster cleaning, and easier access are only a couple of the reasons a walk in shower will make your life easier.

If you are not sure it's necessary to change out your old tub consider the following. A gross looking tub will affect how fast your home sells and for how much. If your tub is scuffed, stained, and no amount of cleaning is fixing the problem, it’s probably time to replace it. Before you jump into getting a new tub, consider replacing the old tub with a shower instead. Showers are growing in popularity and have many advantages over a regular bathtub. Here are a few.   

Walk-in Shower Conversion

More Space

If you haven’t experienced a new walk in shower design, one of the best parts about them is the extra space inside the bathing area. Taking a shower in a standard tub tends to feel a little cramped, especially when you bump your elbow on the wall, or run up against the cold wet shower curtain. This is partly because the tub takes up so much space and the shower curtain closes that space even further.

Easier to Clean

Cleaning a shower is so much easier than scrubbing a tub. There isn’t a tub wall to work around and reach over. Also, you can stand in the shower and rinse it down so much quicker because you don’t have to worry about the water splashing off the sides of the tub. The daily task of squeegeeing the shower walls after each use makes so much more sense if you can actually squeegee the entire wall. The bathtub lip puts a halt to the squeegee and makes one wonder what the point of doing this routine is if you are going to have to scrub the tub anyways.  

Beautiful Design

Bathtubs have their place, but to be honest, a standard tub is not exactly pretty to look at. A walk in shower can be absolutely gorgeous even in a tiny bathroom. The newest designs in shower doors go far beyond the nasty sliding shower doors from the 80’s. Also, those new shower doors are easier to clean too.

More Colors

With a tub, you are stuck with a white color, not bad, certainly better than a brown, green or blue tub of ages past. With acrylic shower wall surfaces, there are many colors, patterns and designs to choose from. These acrylic shower walls are fade a scratch resistant and look just as beautiful as real stone, but cost a lot less. If you like tile patterns we have 12x12 stone, subway, and basic 4x4 tile patterns to choose from. We have just about every style  you can imagine, but in a durable and affordable option. Best part about these shower wall surfaces, there isn’t any grout to clean.

Door’s are Optional

If you aren't sure you have space for a shower door, not a problem. Walk in shower designs without a door are on the rise. The the right shower head and ideal placement behind a glass panel, a door may not even be necessary. If you prefer, shower curtains are still an option for new shower stalls, and a great idea for barrier-free designs as well.

Save Space

Walk -in showers can take up less space in the bathroom as a whole, but only if you want it to. Shower stalls can be customized to fit most spaces. If you want to replace the bathtub, a shower can be made to fill in the tubs original footprint. They can also be designed to fit a smaller area so you have more floor space in the bathroom.

Age and Accessibility

A walk in shower will grow with you. Another disadvantage to bathtubs is the barrier which can be tough to get over as we age. A walk in shower reduces difficulty of bathing by removing the barrier. New designs have almost no barrier at all. This means someone with limited mobility can access the shower with their walker or wheelchair. Even if a person just has a hard time lifting their legs, the prospect of getting into a tub to take a bath or shower can be daunting. Install a barrier free shower now and be glad you did in your later years.

Why Not Both?

If you have a large enough bathroom and you don’t want to go without a tub, consider having both in the same room. Having both a shower and a bathtub in a master bath has been a trend for several years now and it’s a nice one. You can have both the convenience of a shower and the relaxation of a jetted tub in the same room.

A walk in shower is a great addition to almost any bathroom. Have Five Star Bath Solutions show you all the options available and find out how affordable it can be to get a walk in shower install in your bathroom.


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