9 Bathroom Shower Ideas

If you’re in the market for a new bathroom shower, ideas abound on how to transform an outdated bathtub and shower into a spa-worthy wet room.

Tiles, frameless shower doors, and niches to hold all of your spa essentials, such as gels, shampoos, and conditioners, make your new shower a getaway from a hectic day.

Qualities of a Remodeled Bathroom

You need a plan to get the bathroom shower of your dreams. You want to first purge all the trinkets and knick-knacks—the clutter—out of your bathroom area. Then imagine what type of shower will be the best for your home.

A bathroom remodel can be costly. But you can save money when you commit to doing some of the work yourself.

Let the pros handle the hard work of removing your old tub and shower as well as installing your new shower.

You can paint the walls, the doors, and the trim. You can replace old light fixtures, and you can remove anything you don’t need for a functional bathroom.

9 Bathroom Shower Ideas

Now is when the fun begins. You cleaned up and got rid of the clutter from your current bathroom. You sat down and thought about what you need in a new shower. And you committed to some sweat equity to save some dollars.

So, what bathroom shower ideas do you have? If you need some help, read the following list to get some ideas for your new bathroom shower:

1. Get your new shower and tub together—side by side rather than as one unit. Tie the two wet areas together by matching them with the same exterior décor.If you choose a farmhouse-type shower and tub, you can invest in a doorless shower and an open tub space. The tub skirt can match the dominant color in your tile or use a contrast color such as a matted midnight blue.

2. Include built-in shelving or niches in the shower walls. Can you ever have enough shower space for your gels, cleansers, and shampoos? You can add space with built-in niches—small shelving in the shower walls that can hold all of your spa essentials.

3. Add some light with a frameless shower. A frameless shower will allow more light into your bathroom, especially if there is a window or a skylight. A frameless shower will also make your bathroom seem larger and more open.

4. Get rid of the tub? It may be hard to imagine, but getting rid of the tub may be a great idea depending on your stage of life. For example, if you have limited mobility or you’re in a wheelchair, a bathtub is impractical and hard to step into.

So, give up the tub and go for a larger shower, such as a walk-in shower or a wheelchair-accessible shower area.

Your house will now have a three-quarter bathroom rather than a full bathroom if you decide to sell your home in the near future. So, you do need to consider if your home will be marketable with a three-quarter bath.

If you have young families moving into the neighborhood, it may not be a good idea to have only a three-quarter bath. Parents of young children want a full tub to bathe their kids.

And yet, if you have two full-size bathrooms, one of them can be transformed into a three-quarter bathroom while the other one stays a full-size bathroom.

5. Include a focal wall in your walk-in shower. The newest trend is to have two walls out of three solid colors while the third wall is tile or stone, so the eye is drawn to it.You can create the spa effect with a focal wall using stone or tile mosaics.

6. Regain your dignity: You can still have privacy in a walk-in shower when you add a partial wall. You’re creating a nook where you can shower and yet have some privacy at the same time.

7. Invest in openness and light. Today’s bathrooms are open with natural light from a window or a skylight. If the window is in the shower area, frosted glass or glass cubes (remember the 80’s?) provide privacy.White, subway tile is popular for walls. White ceilings and flooring with contrasting colors such as white and black tile complete the vintage look.

8. Go with a natural spa. Conversely, you can create a meditative space or a mini-spa in your shower area. You can include browns, golds, and yellow natural stone or you can use marble tiles to harken back to the days of Roman baths.

Spa showers can include bamboo benches or chairs so you can sit while you shower. Recessed lighting in warm colors inspires feelings of relaxation and peace.

9. Install a corner shower. If your current bathroom is small and feels cramped, opt for a corner shower. You can include a built-in bench so you can sit while bathing. A corner shower will save you space and create some openness at the same time.

If you’re going to remodel your bathroom shower, consider the above ideas. You don’t have to settle for a bland bathroom shower. Instead, you can transform your bathroom shower into a dream spa or the look of yesteryear.


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