Wall Surrounds

Arlington Tub and Shower Wall Systems


From high-quality products to minimal maintenance to maximum safety and comfort, Five Star Bath Solutions of Arlington is like a one-in-all package that features everything you could possibly need when it comes to having your bathroom remodeled.

Among the variety of products that we have to offer to you are wall surrounds that we have primarily designed to keep your bathroom and particularly the shower region safe from bacteria, mold, and water damage. Our wall surrounds are properly sealed, fully waterproof and they also come with a product warranty, so in case you ever face a problem, you know we will help you.


The best kind of shower system in a bathroom is the one that offers an ideal combination of aesthetics and efficiency. This is why Five Star Bath Solutions of Arlington emphasizes a great deal on ensuring that our products are waterproof by creating an extra protective coating on the wall surrounds to prevent water from seeping into the walls.

Skilled Technicians

You will only be dealing with experts and professionals from the start to the very end. We have factory-trained craftsmen who you can trust to do an excellent job with your bathroom.

Our team of expert technicians share the same vision as the company – create life-long customers who are satisfied and happy with our services.

Quick Installations


Another thing that we are super happy about and take great pride in is the fact that our team of professionals is often able to deliver 24-hour installations and that too without compromising the quality in any way.

Our use of state-of-the-art products coupled with modern technology and skilled experts allows us to do the job with perfection and also within an impressive time frame.

Are you ready to get started on your bathroom remodel?

If yes, get in touch with our amazingly helpful and cooperative team by calling us at (817) 533-8025 to set up your free in-home consultation.

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If you are thinking about getting your bathroom remodeled, there certainly isn’t a better time to do that than now!

Five Star Bath Solutions of Arlington is here to answer all your questions, cater to your concerns and remove all possible doubts that you might have about remodeling your bathroom with us.

Our customers are the most important for us, and we always prioritize and pay attention to their safety, comfort, convenience, and ease.

Once you let us know about the vision that you have for your bathroom, you can leave the job to our highly skilled and trained experts who will do their absolute best to make sure that the end result is way beyond your expectations!

After all, we understand the importance of a bathroom that offers comfort and convenience in times when you need it the most.