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    Creating Your Perfect Modern Bathroom

    Are you currently living with an outdated or damaged bathroom? One that you try to hide when people visit the house? It’s time to do something about it.

    It’s time to remodel and create a bathroom that you can be proud of.

    When deciding on a bathroom style, you want to pick one that can:

    • Stand out and be trendy.
    • Be easily cleaned and maintained.
    • Offer you the safety and accessibility you need.
    • Look great for years to come.
    • Luckily for you, the modern bathroom design has everything you’re looking for.

    What is Modern Design?

    Modern design is defined as a minimalist and updated style that focuses on opening the room to portray luxury and favors clean straight lines and a neutral color palette. It often uses accents that rely heavily on wood and natural stone to complement the architecture and design of the room.

    When people think of modern design, one of the first things that usually comes to mind is the image of a multi-million dollar celebrity home or an elegant business or home.

    With modern bathroom design you may find things like:

    • Minimal clutter and more space
    • Straight clean lines and edges
    • Excellent lighting, both naturally and artificially
    • Strong accents of natural stone and wood
    • Floating vanities and geometrically shaped mirrors

    These are all cornerstones of modern design and help show off the grace and poise of a modern bathroom.

    Things are often left out of modern design or don’t have a place in a modern bathroom are:

    • Extra decor and minimal space
    • Curved edges on the vanity or bathroom furniture
    • Bright colors that are mismatched
    • Extravagant moldings or carvings
    • Clutter on the counter or floor

    When creating your new bathroom design, there are four main keys to stick to that will help you create the perfect modern bathroom.

    Bold Colors
    Modern Decor
    Current Updates

    Watch the following video guiding you through some of the modern bathroom upgrades.


    The main identifier of a modern bathroom is the simplistic and minimalist design. Unlike other bathroom styles, modern bathrooms use small amounts of decoration and keep the room clear of clutter to help create an open and luxurious look.

    While some may prefer to use lots of decorations and fill the walls with homemade and ornamental pieces, modern design tries to stay away from that.

    Modern bathrooms are never completely bare. Instead, a modern bathroom tries to stay away from overcrowding the bathroom so that you don’t feel claustrophobic in your master bathroom.

    Bold Colors

    A common misconception when people hear bold colors is they think bright or busy colors. That is the opposite of what a modern color palette is. Bold colors refers to colors that make a statement in the bathroom to all who see.

    Modern design tries to stick to using only a few colors in a single bathroom, often combining dark and lighter tones and shades of colors to create the ambience that you want.

    Below are some of the main colors used in a modern bathroom.

    Dark: Black, Charcoal, Grey, Espresso, Bronze
    Light: White, Cream, Silver, Tan, Brown, Green

    Modern Decor

    As stated earlier, modern design uses simple and minimal decor in the bathroom to ensure you don’t have to deal with overcrowding.

    That doesn’t mean you can’t have any decor in the bathroom, but instead, make sure you are using things that compliment the colors chosen for the bathroom and things that still allow for an open and spacious feel.

    These can be things like potted plants, single pictures on the wall, or candles. This is not a list of what is allowed in a bathroom, but instead, a list of ideas that you can use when getting started in your bathroom.

    Current Updates

    Current updates refers to updating older products, items, and materials to bring your bathroom into the 21st century. Most current bathrooms include things like vinyl flooring, brightly colored tile, and outdated bathtubs.

    A modern bathroom will instead use materials like stone, wood, and glass to show an updated look, the bathtubs are often converted into a walk-in shower, and you won’t find any outdated looks or colors.

    Bathroom products continue updating to both give us the more desirable look we want while helping us find the comfort we are looking for.

    Instead of living in your current outdated bathroom that is cluttered with a combination of outdated colors and decor, turn to a modern look that offers you the updates and comfort that is sought after in the world today.

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