Is Tile Better than Multi-Layered Composite in a Shower?

Tiled showers are common in many homes, but there are many reasons that multi-layered composite materials may be a better choice for you. From being easier to keep clean to a variety of stunning color and texture options to choose from, multi-layered composite materials rival tile walls in more ways than one.

Are you having trouble deciding which one is the better choice for you?

Tiled Walls:

  • Tiles go out of style. Tile itself doesn’t got out of style, but the style of tile does. In fact, if you were looking at tile at your local home improvement store only six months ago and were to go back in today, odds are you wouldn’t find the same tile you had your eye on before. Think about a home that was built in the 70s or 80s. The tile in it would likely be smaller and smooth with no texture or pattern and it would likely be a pink, brown, or green color. While that may have been all the rage then, large stone-like tiles are what people are looking for today. And ten or twenty years down the road, it may be something else entirely.
  • Tile can be difficult to keep clean. Although keeping soap scum off of the surface of the tiles isn’t too difficult to do and has to be done on any type of shower wall, tile can be more difficult to keep clean than other types of walling because of the grout. Grout is porous and makes it easy for moisture to get in and, in turn, allow mold to grow. Keeping grout clean can be a massive and exhausting undertaking.
  • Tile can be difficult and timely to install. If you’re planning to do your tile yourself, you may find that it’s not what you expected. Tile takes a lot of time and energy to install and even if you’re doing a simple pattern, it’s important to follow all prep steps to ensure that the tile lays properly and doesn’t crack after some wear and tear. Aside from cutting the tile, it’s recommended that you dry fit your pattern before setting it in mortar. Between all these steps it needs hours and sometimes even days to set before the next step can be done. Your “quick” tile project may end up being a lot longer than you originally thought.
  • Tile can be expensive. Long-lasting and worthwhile tile is costly. You may need to budget extra in order to get the tile you actually want.

Multi-layered, Composite Materials:

  • Professional Installation:. By hiring a professional, multi-layered composites take much less time to install and can give you what feels like a brand new bathroom within 1-3 days.
  • Affordability. Finding a solutions that you like won’t always mean that you have to up your budget. Multi-layered composites are affordable and financing options are typically available.
  • Durability. Five Star Bath Solutions’ wall systems are guaranteed to never discolor, stain, crack or leak.
  • Color and Style Options. With the development of technology, the options available when it comes to multi-layered composite colors and patterns has expanded. You no longer have to choose between white and white. You can choose between all different kinds of patterns and colors including patterns that look like tile.
  • Clean and Easy to Maintain.. Because there aren’t many nooks and grooves to get into, our wall systems are clean, mold resistant, and free of soap scum. Cleaning the wall systems and maintenance is much easier than with traditional tile options.