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Five Star Wall Surrounds
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Kennesaw Tub and Shower Wall Systems

shower-wall-surroundsIf you’re looking to add a little luxury to your life, bathroom remodeling may just be what you’re looking for. Revamp the look of your bathroom with one of the many exquisite tub and shower wall systems offered by Five Star Bath Solutions of Kennesaw. We have been supplying customers looking to enhance their standard of living with luxurious tub and shower wall systems for years. No other supplier name conjures up images of fancy cultured marble in the minds of Kennesaw residents more than Five Star Bath Solutions.

We do not compromise on quality, and we work to ensure we exceed the expectations of our customers every time. We look to set the bar high because we believe our customers deserve nothing but the best.

Why You Need a New Tub and Shower Wall System

We’re not just saying you should get a new tub and shower wall system. We’re saying you need an exquisite tub and shower wall system. Odds are your current bathroom has looked the same for years without being updated, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, if you’re looking to make a much needed change and boost the appearance of your bathroom, the wall around your tub and shower could be just the thing that needs updating.

Wall décor is what ties a bathroom together. It won’t matter how extravagant or high quality your tub or sink are if the walls around them look shoddy and outdated. So let Five Star Bath Solutions lend you a hand and provide you with a glimpse of the finer things in life.

Competitors tremble at the sight of our Five Star Bath Solution wall surround systems, and for good reason. We provide a level of quality that is difficult to compete with, and choose to supply only the best tub and shower wall designs available on the market. Dazzle yourself and others with our incredible selection of wall system designs.

Our Products

shower-wall-surroundsAt Five Star Bath Solutions of Kennesaw we look to impress, which is why we make sure to stock a wide variety of designs and colors with confidence knowing that our customers are sure to find something that catches their eye. The tub and wall surround systems we offer are custom designed to fit perfectly around the dimensions of your pre-existing bathtub or shower cubicle to ensure that the transition between the old sections and the new ones are near-invisible.

We take the fit of our systems very seriously as we prefer to avoid demolishing the old sections of your bathroom for the purpose of fitting our new system. You can make your selection from our range of products with the confidence that we’ll take care of your existing bathroom.

Premium Quality Material

Our wall surround systems are sculpted from only the highest quality materials that continue to look pristine for years to come. The tiles surrounding the tub and shower, the bathing area, and replacements are all manufactured using a resistant and long-lasting multi-layered acrylic material.

Unlike other bathroom materials, this acrylic stays free from mold and mildew growth, and resists the build-up of dirt and grime, making cleaning your shower and tub surround a breeze. We believe our customers deserve the chance to live fancy without having to deal with unnecessarily tedious maintenance.

Add-Ons and Accessories

Our tub and shower wall surrounds are customizable with the addition of accessories including built-in benches, shelves, soap dishes, shower caddies, and plenty of others. Each of these accessories can be custom fitted to your new wall surround by our expert team of locally certified installers, who conduct all fittings with careful attention to detail.

Dependable Bathroom Remodelers

Take the plunge and invest in a premium shower and tub wall system today. Contact Five Star Bath Solutions of Kennesaw at (770) 282-9659 for a no-charge consultation with one of our specialists and have all your questions regarding bathroom remodeling answered!


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