Wall Surrounds

Northern Virginia Tub and Shower Wall Systems


Wall Surrounds are a great way to protect your bathroom walls from seepage and seepage-related issues. Also known as wet walls, they’re essentially a layer that prevents grime, mold and other unmentionables from getting to the surfaces in your bathroom that are most exposed to moisture.

If you’re confused about whether to adorn the area around your shower or bath with tiles or wall surrounds, then this article is for you. Let’s look at some of the benefits wall surrounds offer over your run of the mill bathroom tiles.

1.      They’re easy to install 

Breaking a tile is every homeowner’s nightmare. Even if you have extra tiles lying around, removing a tile yourself usually isn’t an option, and the alternative is hiring a professional to replace it; which costs you time and money. 

Wall surrounds, in contrast, are easy to install. There’s no grout involved in the process either, meaning they are easy to maintain and clean.

2.      They’re cost-effective

Chances are the venture won’t end up costing you nearly as much as having tiles installed. Most surrounds come with a lifetime warranty, so even if your surrounds get damaged somehow, replacements are free of charge. The materials that we use are not nearly as expensive or difficult to work with as ceramics.

3.      They’re hygienic and immune to degradation


Surrounds generally don’t suffer from mold and grime, meaning you don’t have to worry about leftover moisture. They’re also easier to clean; all you really ever need to do is wipe with a damp cloth. Since they’re not ceramic, they can’t break or lose their color either.

When the grout between your tiles begins to lose that perfect white color and the tiles start to show signs of age, our wall surrounds will still look exactly the same. They won’t break, they won’t fade, and they certainly won’t crack. And if you’re ever tired of looking at the same pattern, getting a different one installed won’t take more than a day, and also won’t involve tearing your bathroom apart.

If you’d like to install wall surrounds in light of all of these facts, give us a call at 571-380-7372.