Wall Surrounds

Oakville Tub and Shower Wall Systems


Installing a brand new shower wall system complete with high-quality shower wall surrounds is one of the best ways to remodel and renovate an old bathroom. If the old one has outlived its usefulness, it is high time to purchase a new one. Best of all, there will be no need for any extensive remodeling work because your new shower wall surround will completely cover the old one.

We at Five Star Bath Solutions of Oakville make some of the most creative and beautiful shower wall surrounds available today. If you decide to install a new shower system, you will be able to renovate your bathroom and also ensure that it stands out as the standard for luxury and style.

And, unlike a conventional renovation, the highly skilled technicians at Five Star Bath Solutions of Oakville will be able to get the job done within only 24 hours at most. This means that your brand new wall shower system will be up and running the minute our people leave your premises.

A Trustworthy Name Among Homeowners

Five Star Bath Solutions of Oakville are one of the most trusted names in this field. After all, we have over ten years of experience in installing highly creative wall shower systems in all kinds of bathrooms. Our customers prefer our work and experience to our many competitors because of the quality of our products and the originality of our designs.

Our highly skilled and trained technicians will visit your home and take measurements soon after you contact us. After that, we will install your new fixtures within a day! We will even clean up afterward so that you won't have to do anything at all, except enjoying your wonderful new shower system—one that might even last for generations!

Bathroom Renovation Made Easy


There was a time when a bathroom remodeling project meant weeks of dust, dirt, and hammering while your bathroom remained unusable. An extensive bathroom remodeling project can easily turn out to be a very long and cumbersome process. However, our team of professionals at Five Star Bath Solutions of Oakville will use their vast experience to ensure that the whole project can be completed within 24 hours at most.

We are now offering a large number of fully customizable wall shower systems that can enhance the beauty of even the most worn-out bathroom. Once you get one of our wall shower systems installed, you will be able to transform the whole place into fully functional artwork that will help increase the value of your whole property!

There is no need to laboriously clean all the grout and mildew from the walls every few days. Since your new shower wall systems will simply cover the old one, you won't have to see that eyesore every time you step into your bathroom for a shower. In fact, you will want to leave the door open just to admire the beautiful new shower wall surround installed by Five Star Bath Solutions of Oakville.

Dazzling Colors and Styles to Suit Every Taste

We have stepped away from traditional catalogs and created our very own highly original designs and styles. You can order our new shower wall surrounds in an assortment of custom colors to suit your mood and taste.

Our Products Are Built to Last

Each and every one of our products is thoroughly tested by our quality control department. We plan on creating long term relationships instead of merely selling products. This is why you can rest assured that your new shower wall will last far longer than competing products available in the market. We assure you that we use only the highest quality materials in all of our fixtures.

Lifetime Warranties

We are so confident of the durability and quality of our shower wall and other products that we offer limited lifetime warranties on almost everything. We will repair and replace any faulty item free of cost.

In case you have budgetary constraints, we also have very flexible financing options to enable you to purchase walk-in tubs, shower walls, and everything else.

Five Star Bath Solutions of Oakville has many different bathroom fitting and fixtures that can turn your remodeling project into a dream come true. Call us at (289) 206-1592 today, and we will help you to choose the shower wall system that you like best!