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Professional Bathroom Remodelers for St. Paul

bathroom-remodelingIf you’re looking for the premier bathroom remodelers in St. Paul, your search is over. Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul can transform your existing bathroom into one that glistens and gleams with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a bathroom in a five star hotel.

Our trained team of professional bathroom remodelers can renovate your bathroom with stylish products and quality workmanship at affordable rates. Our goal is to spoil customers with products and services that exceed their expectations.

Our bathroom remodeling services are sure to reshape the way you view your bathroom, and impress visitors who have had the privilege of visiting your relaxing retreat.

Refreshing Transformations

If your bathroom has begun to look a little drab, it might be in need of a makeover. A bathroom with a stale or outdated design could diminish the appearance of your entire home. Entrust Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul to bring your bathroom up to speed with the new decade.

Our remodeling services can make your bathroom look so modern, that you’ll be inspired to re-do other parts of your home to match it. After all, a good bathroom really ties the place together.

We offer a wide variety of bathtubs and showers, with the goal of pleasing customers from all taste backgrounds. From elegant and chic, to bold and daring, Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul offers it all!

The designs we offer are chosen with tasteful aesthetics and practicality in mind, so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Seamless Renovations

At Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul we believe it’s better to remodel a bathroom that needs updating, rather than tearing it down and rebuilding it from the ground up.

Whether it’s a partial renovation such as the installation of a new tub or sink, or a complete bathroom remodel, our experts can do it all! Our team put great care and effort to ensure the renovated portion of your bathroom seamlessly blends with the pre-existing parts of your bathroom.

They aim to achieve this by taking precise measurements of your existing bathroom and extensively planning the integration of your new additions. This integration is meant to match the old with the new, and provide results our customers can be proud of.

High-Quality Products

bathroom-remodelingThe products offered by Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul are coated in a special anti-microbial material that wards off and discourages the growth of mold and mildew. This is to ensure your new bathroom looks pristine for years to come without requiring tedious or time-consuming maintenance.

We look to provide our customers with dazzling looking products that can be enjoyed with peace of mind, because we understand how valuable their free time is.

Improved accessibility

The products Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul provides aren’t just dazzling to look at, but they can also improve the safety and accessibility of your bath. We provide walk-in tubs and roll-in showers which could be of great use to elderly or disabled residents.

These added conveniences could also boost the resale value of your home, as such features are highly sought after by senior homebuyers, or prospective home buyers with young children.

Style and safety is a winning combination, one that you can enjoy for years to come when you choose us to remodel your bathroom.

Free In-Home Consultation

If you have decided to make the smart choice by choosing Five Star Bath Solutions of to remodel your bathroom, you can be confident you’ve chosen one of the best remodelers in St. Paul. You can rest assured that your high expectations will be met in a timely and affordable manner. So contact Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul today, and receive a FREE in-home remodeling estimate from one of our specialists.