Wall Surrounds

St. Paul Tub and Shower Wall Systems

shower-wall-surroundsEvery homeowner wants his or her home to have a unique look whether it comes to the dining room, the bedroom or the bathroom decor. The two rooms in your house that are used the most include the kitchen and the bathroom.

If you are planning to get your bathroom remodeled, then Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul has the perfect products for you. You don’t need a complete renovation when we are on the job. We simply make a few adjustments here and there, and you get a completely different looking bathroom.

Creating beautiful shower and tub wall surrounds is a specialty of Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul. We have been making unique bathroom remodel designs for years now. Today, when homeowners think about getting shower wall surrounds made from cultured marble, or a grout-free tub, they think about Five Star Bath Solutions.

We bring you styles and designs like you have never seen before. If you want something specifically made for you, you can customize the wall surrounds according to your needs and wants.

Our Promise

When it comes to remodeling projects of any kind, homeowners need assurance that the service they are hiring will not fail them. There are plenty of ways things can go wrong, but with our team of expert designers and installers, we guarantee safe installation that will be completed within a day.

Here are four things that Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul offers:

  • Anti-microbial installation
  • Products backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Flexible financing options
  • Satisfied customer testimonials

Customized Bathroom Solution

shower-wall-surroundsRemodeling is often more than just bathtub refinishing. The wall surround system offered by Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul will transform your bathroom to a haven that is both beautiful and comfortable. Moreover, these small changes can increase your home’s value and secure your family’s future.

No two bathrooms are alike, which is why the wall surround systems we offer are custom made according to your specifications. We take into account your existing tile walls and bath space, and make sure that the new installation fits over the old installation.

Best Quality Tub and Shower Wall Surrounds

We don’t waste time with messy and expensive demolition. We understand that remodeling the bathroom from ground up can be very time consuming. This is why we take a different approach and try to change the appearance of your bathroom with subtle additions.

You no longer have to worry about cleaning grout lines because with our anti-microbial installation process, your wall surround system will remain free of mold and mildew. Rest assured, time spent on maintenance will be minimal.

Our style and color options, including our innovate installation system and designs are just some of the things that set Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul apart from its competitors. Whatever you need, we have it in different combinations and materials.

Variety of Bathroom Accessories

Your peace of mind is our top priority, which is why you will find that every wall surround system we offer is made from the finest quality material available. You ask and we will deliver! Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul offers a huge variety of shower and tub wall surround system patterns, styles and colors. We guarantee that your bathroom remodel will have top of the line accessories, which include:

  • Shower caddies
  • Shelving
  • Built-in benches
  • Soap dishes

Here’s how we make sure that the wall surround system fits perfectly on your bathroom wall: first, detailed measurements are taken to ascertain how best to customize the accessory. Then, a design is created to see how the accessories will look on the wall. Finally, the installation process begins and your bathroom remodel is completed in just one day.

From wall surround systems to replacements and enclosures, everything is made from multi-layer acrylic, which is quite durable. This material allows resistance to grime and dirt buildup, including mold and mildew.

Combine all this with our speed installation, affordable prices and quality products, and Five Star Bath Solutions of St. Paul presents you with all the options you are looking for in your customized bathroom remodeling project!