12 Designer Bathrooms for Less

Creating a designer look in your bathroom doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Check out these tips and ideas on how to create a high-end look without the high cost.

Graphic Wallpaper

Simply adding graphic wallpaper brings dimension to a small powder room. Designer Jennifer Jones enhanced the bold design with a vintage-inspired, decorative mirror. A vintage pedestal sink, which can be found at a flea market, completes the look.

Wall Tile Mosaic

For a true luxurious look, cover the shower and floor with inexpensive tiles and create a focal wall featuring a few high-end tiles arranged in a mosaic. A flowering branch is the highlight of this stunning bathroom designed by SPI Design.

Coastal-Inspired Bathroom

Soothing blue tones bring a clean, crisp look to this coastal-themed bathroom. Designer Erica Islas suggests painting your existing cabinets navy blue and replacing hardware with glass knobs and pulls. To add texture, paint beadboard stark white to wainscot the bottom half of the walls and paint the upper half a soothing blue color for a serene feel. Decorate with beach-inspired accessories and framed images of the beach.

Vanity Upgrade

Warm colors instantly add a luxurious, inviting feel to a bathroom. To bring a textured, elegant look to the space, designer Amy Bubier covered one wall with accent tiles and completed the look with bold artwork. To save money, repurpose an old vanity by staining it and replacing the doors to get a completely new look. Purchase a scrap piece of granite at a low cost as your vanity surface.

Natural Elements

Designer Lori Dennis chose a natural color palette to create a serene, modern feel in this large bathroom. Lori suggests incorporating large plants and natural objects, like a boulder, to bring the outdoors in. Installing interior stone tile on an entire wall can be expensive, so install exterior stone instead to create a similar look at a lower cost.

Antique Piece

To easily create an inviting space, choose one focal piece as inspiration for your bathroom's design. Designer Ammie Kim used an antique bench as the focal point in this Asian-inspired bathroom. Flea markets and antique shops have many different unique pieces to choose from that can make a big design impact. Incorporate floor-to-ceiling window treatments using clothing fabric instead of curtain fabric for an inexpensive way to instantly soften the look.

Mosaic Tile Flooring

Glass tiles bring texture, shine and high-end design to a bathroom, but they can be pricey. To lower the cost, install standard black and white subway tiles in the shower and splurge on mosaic glass tile for the bathroom floor, suggests Amy. The blue-gray color delivers a calm, luxury-hotel feel.

Spa-Like Atmosphere

The sage-green walls instantly deliver a Zen-inspired atmosphere in this small bathroom. Erica installed open shelving to add storage without taking up space, and the floating vanity, made from a scrap piece of wood, makes the space feel open and airy. Make your own mirror by hammering a square wood mirror and staining it a dark, rich color. Complete the look with framed images of nature.

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting color tones can mean the difference between an ordinary bathroom and a high-end one. Designer Christopher Grubb placed stark-white vessel sinks atop dark-stained cabinets. The contrast between the two colors creates a rich, contemporary look. Invest in a floating vanity to open up a small bathroom.

Bold Mirror

Adding one bold piece to a neutral, soothing color palette is a budget-friendly way to update a bathroom. Designer Beth Haley placed an oversized, zebra-print mirror above a large vanity, drawing the eye to the center of the bathroom. Simple touches, like plants and artwork, complete the contemporary look.

Old World Powder Room

Lori created an Old World-inspired bathroom with rich wood, elegant accessories and intricate tile design. To create a similar look, use decorative wallpaper and repurpose a vintage dresser and stone bowl into a vanity and sink. Add fresh flowers to rejuvenate the space.

Warm, Rich Colors

The combination of soft lighting and a warm, saturated wall color gives this contemporary bathroom a high-end look. Amy added a dark-stained frame and rich, textured accessories to continue the warm, inviting look.

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