3 Tips to a Spring-Centered Bathroom

Spring has arrived and it’s time to add some spring flavor to your bathroom space! From fresh flowers to color coordination and organization, step into spring with these 3 simple bathroom decor tips.

1. Fresh Flowers

Want to impress your significant other? Place a fresh flower next to a washcloth or towel while they’re not looking. Trim the flower stem between 2 - 3 inches, and place the flower in a prominent area on the sink or near a bathtub. Looking for an added touch? Add some flower petals around the sink or bathtub.

Fresh Flowers


Beyond a simple flower stem, arrange a flower bouquet with your bathroom in mind. Place your flower arrangement in a vase that fits your bathroom space, giving your flowers enough room to sit comfortably on the sink or in a window space. If your bathroom space is limited, consider a smaller floral arrangement that can fit in a small vase.


2. Color Coordination

Coordinate your bathroom with bright and bold colors! Choose from your favorite spring colors such as oranges, yellows, greens, blues and pinks! Color coordinate from the top down, including soap trays, hand soap dispensers, bath sponges, washcloths and towels. Use matching towels, or decorate with complementary towel colors.

Color Coordination

Color Coordination

Color coordinate towel colors with soap colors, and add flowers and seashells for an aesthetically appealing look.

Color Coordination towel

3. Declutter and Simplify

Does your bathroom feel a little cluttered after the winter season? Get rid of the clutter and organize your bathroom space! Utilize a mesh bag to group children’s toys, add shower hooks to organize your shower space, or organize your toothbrushes with a toothbrush holder or toothbrush wall mount. If you normally fold towels, consider rolling them and creating an organized towel pyramid with hand towels and washcloths. Get creative and simplify your bathroom space!

Declutter and Simplify

Declutter and Simplify

Declutter and Simplify

Looking for more? Revamp your bathroom with new style or functionality this spring season with Bath Solutions.


At Bath Solutions we transform bathroom spaces with beautiful solutions. We recognize the important role of the bathroom in a home and give it the attention it deserves! Check back for ideas and tips to decorate and enhance your bathroom space.