5 Tips for Choosing the Right Colors

Ready for a bathroom color change up? Whether you’re moving into a new home, or redesigning your bathroom space, defining the look and feel of your bathroom can be a fun and exciting project. Remember these 5 tips next time you’re adding fresh color to your bathroom!

1. Consider Mood

Not only can color change the look of your bathroom space, color can also influence your bathroom’s atmosphere or mood.

Are you looking to create a bathroom space that brings feelings of energy? Go with bright and bold colors – such as bright reds or oranges, or bold greens or blues.

Are you looking for a relaxing or calming feeling from your bathroom space? Go with light blues, beiges, or natural colors.

Consider what colors you like, why you like them and how they impact you. What colors invigorate you? What colors turn on the energy switch when you wake up in the morning and get out of bed? What colors make you happy? What colors help you to feel calm? Try asking these questions when choosing a bathroom color scheme.

Consider Mood

Consider Mood bathroom

2. Remember the sink, shower and tub

Color your bathroom walls with the sink, shower and bathtub in mind. If your sink space, shower and tub have specific colors associated with them, consider how you want to match colors, or utilize complementary colors to fill your bathroom space. Also contemplate how your specific floor style might align with various colors.

Remember the sink, shower and tub

Remember the sink, shower and tub

3. Lighting

Does your bathroom have a window, or is it exclusively lit by artificial light? Depending on your bathroom’s circumstances, consider when sunlight will shine upon certain areas of your bathroom, or how light fixtures will display light upon your walls.

If you’ve narrowed down your color selection to two or three colors, try testing the color on small areas of the walls in your bathroom, or on a piece of poster board. Test the colors with different light fixtures and light bulbs, and see how the colors look in sunlight. The way various colors look in different lighting situations may influence which colors you choose for your bathroom space.



4. Color coordinate with accessories

Create a beautiful color scheme by coordinating your wall color with accessories! Consider which accessories you currently have in your bathroom space, and accessories you would like to bring to your bathroom space in the future. Color coordinate towel colors, bathroom door colors, vanity spaces, light fixtures, faucets, handles, the shower curtain, and even the waste bin.

Color coordinate with accessories

Color coordinate with accessories

5. Location

Are you adding new color to a bathroom that’s located in a highly trafficked area of your home, or to a bathroom tucked away off of your master bedroom?

Look outside of your bathroom space and consider the color of bordering walls and nearby rooms. Take into consideration any color schemes that may exist in an area outside of your bathroom space when determining which colors to add to your bathroom.

If it’s important to you, consider what look you would like to achieve in a bathroom that may be frequently used by guests. If your bathroom is in an area typically used exclusively by you or another family member, choose which colors best fit your particular style and liking.


Remember to ask the following series of questions when deciding on colors for your bathroom space:

Does this color represent me and who I am?

Will this color stay in style?

Is this the right color for my bathroom and/or home?

Will I enjoy looking at this color throughout the coming years?

How will this color look with both natural lighting and indoor lighting?

Your home and bathroom space is about you and your family. Whatever color you choose, find a color that fits your style and the ultimate look you desire to achieve.

At Bath Solutions we transform bathroom spaces with beautiful solutions. We recognize the important role of the bathroom in a home and give it the attention it deserves! Check back for ideas and tips to decorate and enhance your bathroom space.