The Bathroom and Colors

If color is what you like and consider when redecorating, then don't forget about the bathroom. Anything goes these days and with all of the options, qualities and textures available, you can do virtually whatever you like and have it look very tasteful, comfortable and still function as a bathroom.

Neutrals and whites are a popular choice in zen and spa-like bathrooms but are also a popular choice in any bathroom.  It no longer has to be strictly a room of functionality, it can now be made into a bold, fun place to get ready for work or school or just to enjoy a relaxing bath.

If color is your preference for your bathroom, just remember you can add a splash of color with different accents. Your towels can add lots of color and character to the bathroom, depending on the print and fabric you.  Keep accents flowing, helping to bring the room together. Use color in the details, wall hangings, waste basket, soap dishes and decorative accents as well.

Always consider how the color will reflect on your skin when choosing a color. Peaches and Pinks tend to be very flattering whereas yellows and greens can make you look older and washed out. This is very important when you spend time doing your makeup in the bathroom.

Remember to have fun and always consider how the end result will impact your bathroom routine on a daily basis.