8 Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Have a small bathroom? We have 8 tips to make small bathrooms look bigger. Most of these ideas are easy on the budget and a quick and easy way to expand the appearance of your bathroom as well as a few renovation ideas to make more room.


The bigger the better in this case. The more wall area you can cover with a mirror, the more space this room will appear to have, making it feel like there is more room to breathe. And you don’t have to stop with one mirror, you can have a couple of mirrors in the room to further increase the space visually.

8 Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger
A large mirror creates the illusion that there is twice as much space as there actually is.

Large Landscape art

If you decorate with wall art, make a point to use art that depicts a room or a landscape. Anything that gives your eye further to travel and explore. Just because you are working with a smaller room does not mean you have to stick to tiny pieces of framed art. Choose a piece that will occupy most of the focal point of a wall. If you need to test this theory out, grab some framed art from another room that is about the size you think will work for the wall in question and have someone hold it up for you. This can give you an idea of what size art you would prefer in your small bathroom.

Lighter Wall Colors

Light colored walls will make a room feel brighter and more roomie. White is more effective in expanding the visual space in a room and also reflects the light better which also helps to make a small bathroom look bigger. If you really feel the need for a color that makes a statement, try adding it as an accent color rather than using it as the main color.

8 Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger
White is a great color for small bathrooms and can be accented with other colors to add personality.

Better Lighting

Nothing makes a small bathroom feel smaller, and more claustrophobic, than poor lighting. If you have a window in your small bathroom, have you ever noticed how it feels larger and more inviting when there is sunlight coming through the window?

If you do have a window evaluate the kind of window covering you are using and determine if a different curtain will allow for more light during the day.

Installing better light fixtures may also help increase the sense of space in the bathroom. If you can’t afford to install better lighting then invest in florescent light bulbs.

Open Up the Floor

Instead of a vanity with cabinets, open up the floor area with a pedestal sink or a wall mount sink. The more free space you can create on the floor the more room it will feel like you have.

8 Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger
A sink on legs creates more floor space making it feel roomier.


A linen closet is a fantastic storage space to have outside the bathroom for all your bathroom storage products, like towels and extra soaps and shampoos. Having the storage in the hall rather than in the bathroom cuts down on clutter which also

Towel Bar

If you have a freestanding vanity, consider placing the towel rod on the sides of the vanity rather than on the wall. This opens up more space on the wall and will look less cluttered.


While necessary, a typical door actually takes up quite a bit of space. Try a sliding, pocket door. When you don’t need privacy, simply slide it into the wall where it won’t take up space. If you can’t remodel to that extent, try a bi-fold door which will also take up less space than a regular door.

By using some of these 8 tips to make small bathrooms look bigger, you can improve the overall feeling of your bathroom and make it look and feel more inviting.

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