8 Ways You Can Update Your Bathroom

Your bathroom may not be at the forefront of your home and on display for guests to see, but it’s a room that both you and guests use on a daily basis and should be able to feel comfortable in. If it’s too dark, too cramped, too neglected, or just plain outdated, it can be hard to feel comfortable to use it for any purpose, causing you to avoid it at all costs and maybe even hoping that guests won’t ask to use it when they stop by. A less-than-desirable bathroom isn’t doomed to stay that way, though. With some updates and remodeling, you can turn it into what feels like a whole new room altogether.

1. Upgrade the Hardware

It may not seem like replacing the tub and sink faucets, the light switches, door and cabinet handles, towel rack, and toilet paper holder will make much of a difference, but if you upgrade and replace the hardware in your current bathroom, you might be pleasantly surprised. Replacing the hardware is a simple update that you can easily do on your own, and it won’t cost you very much to do at all. It’s a simple upgrade but you’ll notice the difference.

2. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Is there anything a fresh coat of paint can’t do? Whether you reapply the same color you’ve got in there already or go with something totally new, a fresh coat of paint can make the entire room look and feel like it’s brand new. The cost of applying fresh paint is relatively low, and unless you have an extra-large bathroom, it won’t take too much time either. You can prep the room during the day, paint while everyone’s in bed, and nearly have it dry and ready to use by the time you get up the next morning.

3. Redo the Décor

Décor can do wonders for any room in the home, even in the bathroom. If you’ve got décor that’s in there, try a total redo. If you don’t have any at all, consider adding some pieces. You can use resources like Pinterest and home improvement sites to help you come up with ideas for decorating the space, and you definitely don’t have to do anything over-the-top or fancy, but even just adding a few accent pieces here and there can add color and texture that can make the whole room pop and feel as good as new.

4. Paint or Replace the Countertops

You might not often think about the look of your countertops, but they can definitely make or break the room. If your countertops don’t match the color and décor, or you want them to have a new look entirely, you can opt to replace them. While it can get a little pricey to replace them altogether, the cost isn’t nearly as high as other bathroom renovations. But if you’re working on a budget, you could always try painting over them using the countertop paints designed specifically for helping you get a new look in your bathroom on the cheap.

5. Try Adding Wallpaper

Paint not doing it for you by itself? While paint can do wonders on its own, it’s usually flat and doesn’t offer a lot of depth as far as texture goes. If you want to add even more pizzazz and really spruce the room up, you might want to consider adding wallpaper to one of the walls. The wallpaper can act as an accent in the room, draw the eye, and add depth and texture that will make it feel like new. And don’t worry, your only options aren’t old, outdated florals—there are plenty of modern, attractive wallpapers available that you can use to update your bathroom without spending too much out of pocket.

6. Decorate the Side of the Tub

You probably hadn’t thought about it before, but the side of your tub is pretty plain and bare. It doesn’t have to stay that way, though. You can use stick-on decorative rocks or try tiling it to give it some texture and depth and to add some to the room as well. It’s a relatively small space to decorate and it may not seem like it would have a big impact, but once you see the end result you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

7. Change Out the Light Fixtures

The lighting in the bathroom is a big deal. It can impact the look and feel of the room and can even have an influence on the tasks that are done in there—it’s hard to do your makeup in bad lighting. The light fixtures that you have can also add to, (or detract from), your décor, so updating them can make a big difference in the room. Whether you update what you’ve got to something standard or try something a little more whimsical, the fixtures you choose really can impact the room.

8. Remodel Tub and Shower Area

Your bathtub or shower area can affect the entire vibe of the room. Even if it’s not an avocado green tub from the 70s that doesn’t match the color or décor that you have anywhere else, an outdated and well-used tub can have an effect on the entire look and feel. Replacing it altogether is a great way to improve the aesthetic and help you update your bathroom without going over budget. If you’re interested in a bathtub or shower remodel contact us now for an estimate.

Whether you do only one, a few, or all of the things mentioned above, you’ll start to feel like you’ve got a new bathroom in no time!