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Five Star Wall Surrounds
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Annapolis Tub and Shower Wall Systems

shower-wall-surroundsWhen it comes to high quality tub and shower wall systems, Five Star Bath Solutions of Annapolis is the best in the area. You can count on our expert services, customer friendly staff, and quality products to provide complete satisfaction when it comes to bathroom renovation.

Our exclusive range of tub and shower wall systems and accessories will add to the comfort, luxury, and aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

Variety of Accessories

Five Star Bath Solutions of Annapolis offers a selection of bath accessories that can optimize the comfort of your bathroom. Here are some of the accessories that can make your bathroom more appealing and comfortable.

  • Shelves
  • Soap dishes
  • Built-in benches
  • Shower caddies

Best Quality Shower and Tub Wall Surrounds

At Five Star Bath Solutions of Annapolis, we have a large selection of wall surrounds that can perfectly meet your needs. You can select from many designs, sizes, and color options. Our extensive selection of wall systems will allow you to choose a product that will perfectly meet your style preferences at the budget you have allocated for the bathroom renovation.

Some of the value-added quality features of our tub and shower wall surrounds include the following:

  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Anti-microbial properties
  • High gloss material
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Quick installation

The anti-microbial properties of the wall surround ensure that you will have to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your new bathroom.

Long Lasting Products

shower-wall-surroundsAll of our tub and shower wall surrounds are guaranteed to last for a long time. We are confident that our products will last for decades. However, in case the product develops any defect, we can replace it free of cost for you.

Quick and Clean Installation

At Five Star Bath Solutions of Annapolis, our installers will not only install the wall surrounds quickly, but also without leaving any mess after the installation is complete.

Personalized Wall Surrounds

We understand that everyone has different requirements when it comes to bathroom renovation. That’s why we provide customized solutions. Once our staff knows your requirements, they will custom build a wall surround that will meet your exact preferences and budget.

Exceeding All Expectations

Our tub and shower wall systems and accessories exceed all expectations of our customers. High-quality material of the wall surrounds ensures that the product will last for a long time. You can rest assured of a perfectly comfortable and satisfying bathing experience with our quality products.

Contact Five Star Bath Solutions of Annapolis at (410) 946-1678 today to learn more about tub and shower wall systems and accessories. We have a team of experienced staff who can ensure a high-quality, trouble-free bathroom renovation.


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