Bath Tub Fix-Ups: Acrylic Tub Liners and Bathtub Refinishing

Do you have a bathtub that is in dire need of an up-do? If you answered yes to this question, then an acrylic tub liner or bathtub refinish may be the solution for you.

An acrylic tub liner is one common way to spruce up your old, worn out bath tub. How does it work? A piece of acrylic is molded to fit directly over your existing bathtub to give you a fresh look.

Another option in fixing your chipped or pink bathtub is to refinish it with Diamond Glazing. How does this work? A special coating is sprayed over your existing bathtub to bring back its natural finish, change the color or fix any chips in your tub.

If ripping out your bathtub is just too much work for you, then consider an acrylic tub liner or refinishing your old worn out bathtub.