Bathtub Design

When remodeling the bathroom there are a lot of things to consider, such as which bathtub design you want in your newly renovated bathroom. There are more tub designs than you may have realized. Because we want you to have the perfect tub for your ideal bathroom design, here are a few bathtub designs for your consideration.


These tubs are usually fitted inside walls, to save space in already tight quarters. Often there is a wall mount shower installed as part of this tub system. The surrounding three walls are covered in tile or an acrylic wall covering because of the dual purpose shower and bath design. Alcove tubs are created as either right hand or left hand which references which side the drain and faucet are on.


A tub built for a corner is larger than a standard tub and is a hybrid of the drop in and alcove bathtub design. It’s are also considered a soaking tub because they are deeper for complete immersion in the water. They are usually five sided tubs with a triangular basin for dual bathing. A corner tub can have either an undermount or drop in design.


A walk-in tub is made for people who have difficulty moving. These bathtubs are designed to make bathing safer for people with physical disabilities. They are equipped with a specially sealed door, seat, handheld shower, and grab bar. The drain in one of these walk in bathtubs actually drains 10 times faster than regular tubs so the bather can get out of the tub faster when they are finished. While not your conventional tub, they are designed to fit in most bathtub footprints and come with a kit to fill any leftover space.


Drop in tubs are also known as a platform or deck mounted tub. They are placed in a framed area which is usually finished with tile or an acrylic tub surround surface. They take up more room than a conventional alcove tub. These tubs can also be set into the floor so that the edge of the tub is flush with the floor. This recessed installation can make it difficult to get out of the tub because of the greater depth of this bathtub design.


Similar to the drop-in design, the lip of an under mount tub is usually covered by a stone or some other solid surface deck area of the tub. This design provides a nice place to set things, such as soap and shampoo, or candles and a book.


These tubs are made to stand alone, as the title suggests, either on its own base or a cradle. They can be set in the middle of the room if the plumbing is designed to accommodate that. Another version of the freestanding tub is the claw foot tub, given its name because of the traditional clawed foot leg supports. These tubs are deep and may feature a “slipper” design with a high back for complete relaxation while soaking.


These jetted tubs are a therapeutic design to give a massage with strategically placed water jets to relax muscles and relieve tension. A whirlpool or jetted tub comes with hoses, a filter, and a pump, to push water through the system creating a totally relaxing experience. This tub design will have a panel for easy access to the pump if repairs are needed.


On top of all of these designs, there are the materials to consider. Porcelain, acrylic, fiber glass, and cast iron are the most common materials bathtubs are made from. Fancier materials include cultured marble, composite, and wood. Each surface has different care requirements. Determine what kind of care regime you are willing to keep up with to maintain the beauty of your new bathtub.

Choosing the features of a new bathtub are predetermined by the space you have in your bathroom and where the plumbing is installed. Beyond that, you can decide the design you want to fit your needs and desires. From alcove to freestanding and walk-in to whirlpool you are sure to find the right bathtub design to suite your needs and the style of your bathroom.

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