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    Cache Valley Complete, Professional Bathroom Remodeling


    You’re looking to remodel your bathroom but you’re not sure where to start? Five Star Bath Solutions of Cache Valley can help you out. We are experts when it comes to bathroom remodeling, offering the best products at the best prices.

    Take a look at some of the services we offer to every single one of our customers.

    One Day Remodels

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Cache Valley offers everything you’d need for a new bathroom. During the free in-home consultation, our experts sit down with you to discuss what you are wanting for your new bathroom and what you can expect with our remodelers.

    We then set an appointment to have the work begin. Our technicians are always on time and friendly and they will begin the work right away, being sure to be respectful of the other people in the house and the amount of noise they are making.

    Something that sets us apart from other remodelers is we have all of the tools and knowledge necessary to be able to get your bathroom done faster than anyone else. Often in less than 24 hours! 

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Cache Valley is known for our fast service and our knowledgeable technicians. We come prepared to your home every time offering you the type of service that you need.

    Top Services

    We offer services that follow the best remodeling practices. With your vision our expertise, we help to create the perfect bathroom oasis for you and we always make sure to keep everything in your budget. Five Star Bath Solutions of Cache Valley also offers the following benefits:

    • Expert installations
    • Guaranteed Service
    • Durable building materials
    • Multiple design options
    • Product and work warranties

    State Of The Art Products


    Unlike other remodelers, we never use second hand materials or any products that come from the big box stores. You deserve better. As a top tier bathroom remodeling company, we only use the top products that come customized for your bathroom so that you get exactly what you want and need.

    All of our products are durable and completely waterproof. That means you never have to worry about water damage or cracks ever again. Plus, all of our product surfaces come with an extra non-porous protective layer that shields against mold and mildew growth, but also make cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

    Never settle for something less than the best. At Five Star Bath Solutions of Cache Valley, we make sure to only use the best every time so that you get the perfect bathroom that you will love for years to come.

    Budget Conscious

    At Five Star Bath Solutions of Cache Valley, we know that no one has an unlimited budget, and that’s why we customize our work to be able to give you everything you’re looking for all while staying inside your budget.

    Other places will try to upsell you or give you products and services that you don’t need, which can cost you a fortune. At Five Star Bath Solutions, we believe in being honest and building trust with our customers, and we do this by helping you to understand that we are on your side.

    We will never install or apply anything that doesn’t need to be there or try to offer you extra services just to make an extra buck. Instead, we use products that come directly from the manufacturer, allowing us to offer you a discount on top-of-the-line products.

    This is just part of why Five Star Bath Solutions of Cache Valley is a leader in bathroom remodeling.

    A Name You Can Trust

    Five Star Bath Solutions is a leader in bathroom remodeling throughout the United States and Canada. We didn’t become a top provider by offering sub-par services and average products. We became the best at what we do by offering our customers exactly what they want.

    If you are looking for a mediocre remodel with second hand products and a part time installer, then maybe Five Star Bath Solutions of Cache Valley isn’t right for you. We only offer the best and we make sure you are happy and satisfied with everything we have done before we ever leave your house.

    Free Consultation

    Don’t waste anymore time in your current outdated bathroom. Instead, give Five Star Bath Solutions a call at (385) 220-0077 or visit our website at fivestarbathsolutions.com/cache-valley-ut to find the best time for you.

      Update your bath in as little as one day.