Shower to Tub Conversion

Charleston Shower to Tub Conversions

Shower conversion remains one of the top reasons homeowners opt for the bathroom remodeling. You can remove your current bathtub and replace it with a walk-in shower system as they provide more space. Moreover, they also add value to your home. 

Our shower conversion will create a mobile and elegant space in your bathroom using durable and robust materials. 

Read on to learn why homeowners prefer walk-in showers over bathtubs for bathroom remodeling projects. 

The Best Remodeling Company

Five Star Bath Solutions of Charleston is one of the best remodeling companies. We recreate dream bathrooms for you without it costing an arm or leg. We offer a wide range of features, including the following, to ensure you get the best bath solutions within a reasonable budget:

Latest Designs 

No matter what kind of shower you want, we can turn it into a reality with our bathroom remodeling skills and expertise. During your free estimate, you can discuss your ideas and hopes for the walk-in shower with our consultant. Our consultant will walk you through all the product and design options available at Five Star Bath Solutions and help you choose the best ones for your new space. Of course, we will work things around your budget. Even if you want to spend a limited amount of shower conversion, we can make it happen. 

Safe Space

Five Star Bath Solutions of Charleston wants to create a safe space for everyone. Bathrooms are always at a risk of slipping and tripping accidents. But we use safety features and products that prevent such accidents from happening. 

Below are some of our best features that create safe bathrooms:

  • Shower bars and rails
  • Anti-slip floors
  • Shower benches 
  • Low curb entrance
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Handheld showerheads

Premium Materials

All our products are highly durable and are unmatched in the entire industry. We work closely with the top manufacturers to ensure you get premium products unlike any other. Regardless of which shower style you choose, our products will create a space that will last for a lifetime.  

Low Maintenance 

Five Star Bath Solutions aims to create convenient spaces for all customers. We want you to have hassle-free, low-maintenance bathrooms that are easy to use and simple to clean. You can maintain your new space without scrubbing the floors for long hours. All our products are resistant to scratches and dirt. Whether the shower door, wall surround, or flooring, everything can be cleaned with minimal effort. 

Factory-Trained Installers

All the installers at our company have been professionally trained so that our customers get the best installation services. Our installers will install bathroom products and fixtures so that you can make the most out of them. Convenience and functionality are the two main things kept in mind during the installation. 

24 Hour Installation 

We understand that you have a busy schedule and don’t want the bathroom remodeling or shower conversion project to get in the way. Our expert installers will complete the project on the same day to ensure you can get back to your routine without hindrances. 

Trademarked Installation 

Expert designers and integrators plan our trademark installation. It recreates perfect spaces each time. Innovative products and equipment with the latest installation technology will generate outstanding results. 


Bathroom remodeling is never cheap. That’s why homeowners require some surety when opting for it. We offer warranties for a limited period on all products and services for quality assurance. 

If you ever find fault in our work, give us a call, and our team will be at your doorstep to fix the issue. 

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