Walk-In Tubs

Dalton Walk-In Tub Installers


If you’ve got elderly people living with you, you need to consider upgrading your bathroom more than ever, and you need to do it fast. Bathrooms are popular for serious slip and trip accidents, and with the elderly around, you can’t take any risks. You not only need your new bathroom to look good, you should make it safer as well. And what better feature to add than a walk-in bathtub? With a walk-in tub, you don’t have to worry about crossing the wall of the bathtub to get in or having to lower yourself into the tub.

Our walk-in tubs come with the following safety features:

Shower Seats

Standing while taking a shower increases the risk of slipping on the wet floor. If you have balance problems and standing for a long period of time is challenging for you, we have the perfect solution. Our walk-in tubs come with a shower seat so that you can sit and enjoy a safe and comfortable bath. 

Easy Open Doors


Our walk-in tubs are equipped with easy open doors. So you simply have to open the door and walk into the tub – convenient, quick, and safe. Anyone can open and close the door without any hassle. This is perfect for people with less agility or those who struggle to get their leg over the wall of the bathtub.

Low-Threshold Shower Bars

An integral part of bathroom safety, shower bars are one of the simplest solutions for assuring safety and convenience. Five Star Bath Solutions of Dalton reduces the chances of you falling during your bath with our low-threshold shower bars. We have done our research to find the best spots for these shower bars.

Ambidextrous Options

Five Star Bath Solutions of Dalton offers safe bathroom options for everyone, even those who are left-handed. Our ambidextrous options ensure that everyone gets to enjoy a comfortable and safe bath. 

It’s high time that you bid farewell to your age-old bathtub and upgrade the looks and safety of your bathroom with our walk-in tubs.  Give us a call at (706) 810-5489 and get the process started!