Shower to Tub Conversion

Denver West Shower to Tub Conversions


One of the many reasons why homeowners decide to go for a bathroom remodel is that they’re tired of their traditional shower systems. No matter how large your shower area is, you just can’t enjoy a calming dip in the bathtub after a long, tiring day at work.

If you are just done with your old shower system and are planning to get a bathtub installed in its place, what’s stopping you?

We, at Five Star Bath Solutions, offer the best shower to tub conversion services at the best possible rates!

What keeps most homeowners from opting for this major bathroom upgrade is the hassle that comes with the job. Your bathroom remains an un-usable mess for several days. In fact, you may even have to take some days off from work to be around the contractor. But what if we tell you that you can enjoy a seamless, hassle-free shower to tub conversion in just one day? We promise to deliver what we promise in a matter of one day. As much as it’s hard to believe, it is a promise that we’ve been living up to for quite a while now!

What if you want to convert your tub shower into a walk-in shower? That’s no problem! We’ve been helping people upgrade their showers for over 10 years, and that includes removing your current tub and putting in a brand-new beautiful walk in shower that is safe for both young kids and senior citizens.

We know what you’re thinking – why should you hire the services of Five Star Bath Solutions of Denver West? Well, we may have answered you in a single line if we could, but there are numerous reasons why we are the right choice for a shower to tub conversion project!

High-Quality, Low-Maintenance Bathrooms

Nobody wants to get their bathtubs replaced every few months, neither are they willing to spend hours scrubbing them clean. With the bathtubs from Five Star Bath Solutions, you can rest assured that neither of the two things will happen. We provide bathtubs of the highest quality that will stay as good as new with minimal maintenance. Our products are all made from an anti-bacterial technology that protects them from mildew and mold growth. Moreover, they’re highly resistant to water damage, making them easy to maintain and clean.

That includes our shower walls and flooring as well. If you are looking to renovate your tub and turn it into a walk-in shower but are hesitant because of all the work it takes to clean the shower walls, then fret no more. Five Star Bath Solutions’ products make cleaning and maintenance a breeze for anything you decide to install.

Custom-Made Bathtubs

No matter what the size of your bathroom is, we have something for everyone. We provide customized solutions to every customer. Depending on what sized bathtub you want and what style you are looking for, Five Star Bath Solutions of Denver West has it all. We use excellent quality conversion materials for shower conversions. We understand that standard solutions won’t fit every customer’s needs and requirements, and for this reason, we offer customized bathtubs for everyone.

Just give us a call, and we will send over our representative to take all the measurements to ensure that the final product is ‘just right.’ Our bathtubs are stylish, feasible, and safe – everything that you’ll ever want!

Great Value for Money


Bathroom remodeling projects don’t come cheap. They’re hefty investments. However, once you do make an investment, you certainly want it to last a very long time. Five Star Bath Solutions of Denver West offers the best value for money with its high-quality and affordable shower to bathtub conversions. We use non-porous acrylic material that is durable and stylish at the same time.

The best thing about our products is that they’re water-resistant, hence, don’t demand extensive cleaning and maintenance work, thereby saving you plenty of money in the long run. We would say that it’s a good enough reason to opt for Five Star Bath Solutions for your shower conversions.

Massive Variety

When we say your bathtub will be made to cater to your preferences, we totally mean it. Be it size, design, or color, everything will be as you want it to be! You don’t have to worry about your bathtub looking the odd-one-out amidst the rest of the bathroom fittings. It’ll be made to blend right in.

Commendable Customer Service

One thing that sets Five Star Bath Solutions apart from the rest is the commendable customer service. Every individual on the team is dedicated to serving the customers. No matter who you’re in talks with from the company, you’ll be entertained with extreme professionalism and dedication.

You can book a free in-home consultation with Five Star Bath Solutions Denver West and make one of the most difficult decisions easier and a lot more convenient. Have our representative come over, take the measurements, and give you suggestions and quotations accordingly.

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