Giving Hope by Helping Out

Last week a number of Five Star Bath Solutions employees volunteered at The Road Home through the Pure Solutions outreach program. The group had the opportunity to take a tour of the shelter to learn about what they are doing to help those struggling with homelessness.

The Road Home is a non-profit social service agency. They offer emergency services including, shelter, clothing and other programs to homeless people.

Giving Hope by Helping Out

It was striking how resourceful this agency is using everything they have available and yet, how limited their resources are. Bedding, towels and basic hygiene items are always in short supply. When a donation of such an item comes in, there is no question, they keep it.

Inside the shelter there is a feeling of emerging hope, a sense of unity and direction. The people working in the shelter do their best to help shelter residence with what they have available, and everyday more people need help.

The residence seemed to have a sense of, “for right now I have a roof over my head.” They again have structure in their lives, a schedule to follow and things they need to get done to follow the programs set up by their case managers.

Our group reorganized clothing in bins, sorted through donations and decided what to keep. Volunteers enjoyed the opportunity to help The Road Home give hope to their clients and enable them to take care of their basic needs.

Pure Solutions volunteers look forward to our next opportunity to give the gift of hope, especially in our community.


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