Wall Surrounds

GTA North Tub and Shower Wall Systems


Five Star Bath Solutions keeps product quality and customer satisfaction as top priorities. We want you to have the perfect bathroom, and that's why we offer the best wall surrounds in GTA North. 

Our waterproof wall surrounds can transform your old bathroom into a new, luxurious space. The waterproof coating ensures your bathroom stays free from water damage and bacterial growth. All products for bathroom remodeling come with a warranty to build a trusting relationship with customers. 

Zero Water Damage

Conventional tiles and grout are susceptible to water damage. Almost all our bathroom remodeling projects replace old ceramic tiles with our advanced solutions. 

Five Star Bath Solutions offers a combination of aesthetics and functionality to provide a lavish bathroom without worrying about water seeping through or dealing with mold growth in the shower area. 

Our expert consultants will help you choose from a vast selection of waterproof products to ensure you get a low-maintenance bathroom. 

Our wall surround comes with an extra water-resistant layer that seals it completely to give you safe bathroom walls and floors. Edge sealing prevents water from hiding in corners or seeping through the structure, allowing you to enjoy your shower experience. 

We incorporate water-resistant elements in the foundation of each project to give you the best bathroom remodeling experience. The results speak for themselves, and your newly transformed bathroom will last for many years without any water damage. 

Our installation crew ensures that all products blend seamlessly into your space using the latest technology and techniques for adding new elements to your bathroom. 

Trained Installers

GTA North surround wall

You can trust us to send only the most experienced staff to your home for consultation and installation. We make all our installers undergo specialized training to help them understand the in-depth knowledge of bathroom remodeling.


All our installers are trained and understand how to tackle different bathroom types. No matter what bathroom transformation you're looking for, we can make it happen within a day. 

A cheap contractor may seem appealing at first, but keep in mind that they also use cheap products. While they save money initially, it will be a costly mistake in the long run. Choose us, and you'll get services from highly trained experts. 

Custom Solutions

Five Star Bath Solutions offers customized bathroom solutions. Our wall surrounds are designed to fit into your space perfectly. You can choose from a wide range of colors and designs to create an ideal bathroom for your home. 

Quick Installation

When you opt for bathroom remodeling, it can take quite some time. Most remodelers take days and even weeks to complete a project. But with Five Star Bath Solutions of GTA North, you can expect fast installation. We try our best not to disrupt your daily routine. Most of the time, our projects are completed within 24 hours. 

Our top-of-the-line products and cutting-edge technology enable us to recreate dream bathrooms for customers. Your newly remodeled space will be ready to use on the same day. 

Start your bathroom remodeling project today by calling us at (289) 276-1262. Our professional consultant will guide you about our products and services.