How To Choose Your Bathtub Shower Faucets

by Ruth Clark on MARCH 20, 2012 in BATHROOM FAUCETS

These days bathtub shower faucets offer more than just a high flowing stream of water. With their stylish designs, they provide a way to add to the aesthetic value and beauty of your bathroom.

There are a few a things that you should consider when selecting a new faucet so that it not only delivers great performance, but also enhances your bathroom’s decor.

When selecting a new bathtub shower, you should ensure that the faucets you choose to use in your new bathtub shower will in fact accentuate the positives of your bathroom’s decor, as well as add to the overall beauty of your home. When you have determined the style of faucet you wish to use, you can then take the other features of the faucet into consideration.

Besides the style of the faucet, you will also need to be sure of how you would like your faucet to be mounted in your bathroom or bathtub.

Mountings For Bathtub Shower Faucets

A wall-mounted bathtub shower faucet will be attached to your bathroom wall, usually at the foot of your bathtub. The shower-head will also be mounted onto your wall, a distance above your bathtub, so that the water from it falls directly into your bathtub.

A tub-mount faucet will be mounted on the side of your bathtub, inside your bathtub.

A floor-mounted faucet is also referred to as a freestanding faucet. These types of faucets are used for tubs that do not have holes drilled into them for faucet mountings.

Your freestanding faucet’s pipes will remain exposed. These faucets are commonly used for claw-foot tubs or other antique-style tubs and shower tubs.

A deck-mount faucet will be installed on your bathtub’s rim. These faucets usually make use of hand-held showers, rather than a shower head that would need to be attached to your bathroom wall, a distance above your bath.

This means that when you install a deck-mounted bathtub shower faucet, you will probably wash with your hand-held shower, while seated in your bath.

Understanding the different types of faucets available helps you to choose the best faucet for your bathtub shower.

Examples Of Tub Shower Faucets

A wonderful wall-mounted bathtub shower faucet is the Premier 120142 Three Handle Tub & Shower Faucet from the Wellington Collection.

This faucet gives a new definition to the word ‘luxury’ and is very affordable. With its traditional yet simplistic design, it could be used to compliment any bathroom’s decor theme.

Constructed from solid forged brass, this faucet should last you a lifetime.

Its 2.5 gallons per minute flow-rate will fill a tub quickly, as well as provide a relaxing shower with wonderful water pressure. It is also accompanied by a lifetime limited warranty.

For those needing a modern looking bathtub shower faucet, the Kohler K-T14776-4 from theStance Collection is an excellent choice.

This faucet is available in either a polished- chrome or a brushed-nickel finish that will enhance the beauty of any bathroom’s styling.

With its high-temperature limit, which prevents scalding, this faucet is one of the safest bathtub shower faucets on the market.

Constructed from solid brass, it will render years of efficient service.

Choosing your faucets may be easier if you know exactly what you are looking for. The internet offers detailed descriptions and pictures of each faucet available on the market.