Inability to Bathe

Are you aware that more seniors face injury and sometimes even death, due to falling? And most falls occur at home. For most seniors, losing the ability to bathe is associated with fractured bones and being admitted to nursing homes after a bad fall. It is extremely important that everyone take measures to help to prevent bathing disability before it occurs.

Some of the obvious, simple ways to help seniors bathe independently and more safely, are as follows:

  • Grab bars  are the simplest and least expensive solution. Placed to be held on to while getting in and out of the tub, as well as inside in order to help lower oneself down into the tub or to turn around are a very effective method of help and safety.
  • Anti slip products placed on the bottom of the tub, is another inexpensive way to help make the tub safer.
  • Converting a bath into a shower, is another solution. This allows more flexibility getting in and out as there is no barrier to lift legs over and risk losing balance. There are also benches that can be permanently installed or portable seats in order that one has the benefit and ease of sitting while in the shower.
  • The walk in bathtub is another safety option to consider. These can be installed in most homes and come with different options, such as the fast flow drain, to make emptying the tub quicker. They may also come with hand shower, installed to make rinsing a little easier. Then you also have the option of jets for massage therapy, an excellent choice for older, aching joints and muscles
      As one can see, there are a few different options available and should be seriously considered when thinking about a solution to the safety issues in your bathroom and bathing routine.