Keep House Plants in the Bathroom

Why keep house plants in the bathroom? House plants have many benefits including decreasing stress levels and improving health through lowering blood pressure and creating better air quality. The bathroom is the perfect place for a house plant. I’ll explain why.

Why House Plants?

House plants are beneficial for health in a number of ways. They calm and reduce stress, anxiety, depression and blood pressure. Plants also improve air quality by purifying and increasing humidity in the air. These are all good reason to have house plants.

If you are squirming at the thought of condemning yet another plant to death by taking it under your care, I completely relate. I always forget to water my plants and they suffer, I overwater them, they perk up a little. I repeat the same mistake week after week until eventually the poor thing looks more like a stick than the beautiful creation it started out as. The key I have found to maintaining a happy house plant is putting it in the right location.

Why Put Plants in the Bathroom?

I am not kidding, the best place to keep a plant is in the bathroom. Why? If you are like me, the bathroom is where you slowdown for a moment in the evening and reflect on the day while brushing your teeth and wash the grim of the day off. Any plant under my care has the best chance of survival in the bathroom. It’s the best and most likely place to recognize your wilting, green friend and remember to water it.

For myself, not only do I see the plant and remember to give it a little water, but the water source is right there. It couldn’t be easier, especially if the plant is in a place that you look at often, like the back of the toilet. That particular location is also easily accessible and it’s not as concerning if a little water spills over because it’s on a surface that can handle water and not a wood surface. To make watering even more straightforward, just keep a small cup next to the plant and give it a little water using that cup according to your plant’s needs. This way you neither over water or leave it so long that it gets dry.

Watering a house plant couldn't be any easier in bathroom.

Watering a house plant couldn't be any easier in a bathroom.

Another reason why the bathroom is the prime location for a house plant, aside from the fact that plants make a great decoration for a bathroom, is that we spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom. The majority of that time is spent in preparation getting ready to meet the day ahead. I don’t know about you, but I usually experience some amount of stress in the morning trying to keep one eye on the clock while mentally going over everything I need to accomplish for that day. There are always plenty of reasons to be stressed and the bathroom is where many of those thoughts come up.

Keep House Plants in the Bathroom

Plants reduce stress, that alone is reason enough to keep house plants.

A plant in the bathroom will help to lower your stress levels, calm you and start your day off on a happier note because they have been proven to help with stress and anxiety. Plants also purify the air. According to plants have many psychological benefits.

What Kind of Plants are Best for a Bathroom?

Consider that bathrooms are a moist and often low lit environment. This is great for a tropical plant such as a spider plant, bamboo or a Boston fern. At they have a list of plants that are ideal for a bathroom climate and they have included links to the descriptions and information on the plants they have listed. also as a great list of house plants that are suited to a bathroom including plants for low-lit bathrooms, sunny bathrooms and low-maintenance plants for people like me.

Keep House Plants in the Bathroom

There are plants to fit just about any environment, be it low-lit or sunny.

Between the physiological benefits of keeping house plants and the convenience of plant care the bathroom offers, your house plants and you will both benefit from this new arrangement. For more ideas for brightening up your bathroom, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. Please share your bathroom décor and house plant ideas with us on your favorite social media channel.


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