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    Layton - Ogden Tub and Shower Wall Systems


    One of our specialties since we entered the field is creating durable and attractive tub and shower wall surrounds. Our grout-free tub and shower wall surround systems are practical and stylish, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t opt for Five Star Bath Solutions of Layton-Ogden to get your own walk-in bathtub today.

    The Five Star Bath Solutions Wall Surround not only makes your bathroom look modern, stylish, and attractive, but also plays a vital role in boosting the value of your property. You’ll see how your bathroom transforms from a basic, traditional bathroom to a fancy and modern one almost instantly! It’s time that you say goodbye to the hard-to-maintain, messy-looking walls and install a Five Star Bath Solutions Wall Surround and make your life easier!

    Your peace of mind is important to us. That is why we manufacture our Wall Surround System from the finest material available. At Five Star Bath Solutions of Layton-Ogden, we have a wide variety of shower and tub wall surround styles, colors, and patterns to make your bathroom remodel tailored perfectly to your space. Our local certified installers can also fit your new wall surround with an assortment of accessories, including:

    • Shelving
    • Shower caddies
    • Soap dishes
    • Built-in benches
    • And more finishing touches!

    You get to choose a style of your liking. In short, we take care of everything for you, from the beginning till the end.


    Each Five Star Bath Solutions of Layton-Ogden Wall Surround System is custom manufactured to fit your existing shower walls. There is no need for unnecessary and expensive demolition. Better yet, we don’t use any out-of-date tile walls or difficult to clean grout lines.

    Creating beautiful tub and shower wall surrounds is Five Star Bath Solutions of Layton-Ogden’s specialty. When Layton-Ogden homeowners think of a grout-free tub and an easy to maintain shower wall surround, they think of Five Star Bath Solutions.

    With a Five Star Bath Solutions of Layton-Ogden walk-in bathtub and wall surround, there’s not much left for you to worry about. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and schedule a free in-home consultation!

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