Walk-In Tubs

Long Island Walk-In Tub Installers


Contact Five Star Bath Solutions of Long Island if you need to install a walk-in bathtub. Do away with your conventional bathroom design and opt for a more modern and state-of-the-art look for your bathroom.

Our walk-in tub installation services are available to homeowners and senior citizens living at home or in an assisted living facility in Long Island. Assisted living facilities in need of an upgrade to a safer, trusted, and durable option can contact us. The main features on our tubs include exit and entry doors, built-on seals, and access doors.

Convenience and Safety

What are the two features you look for in a bathtub? We think it is safe to assume that you will say convenience and safety. When you opt for a bathtub designed and installed by Five Star Bath Solutions of Long Island, you will get that and more. Our expert professionals will replace your high-sided bathtub or shower with an elegant walk-in tub, featuring a leak proof side door.

Anyone in search of a walk-in bathtub that will complement the décor of their bathroom should order a bespoke walk-in tub for their home. A few ways you can customize your walk-in tub include adding whirlpool jets, ADA compliant grab bars, built-in seats, and more.

Reputable and Experienced Walk-In Bathtub Company in Long Island

Five Star Bath Solutions of Long Island want you to contact them for a bathroom remodeling or renovation project. With us, you can always expect to get excellent results and nothing less. With us handling your project, the mess left behind and duration of time will not be an issue. Speak to one of our customer service representatives if you have any questions.

We can provide you with a free design estimate followed by installation and clean up. If you require additional assistance, we can help you select the ideal colors, accessories, styles, and features that you like.

The quality of our products is also unmatched. We use premium quality acrylic to manufacture and design our product line. Going one-step further, we have coated our products with an anti-microbial solution to keep mold and mildew from coming back. Five Star Bath Solutions of Long Island can provide you with a catalog list of all the possible walk-in designs we can create for you. If none of them impress you, let’s customize!

Contact us today to inquire more about our bathroom renovation service. Our customer service representatives are here to assist you and provide you with the information you need to make up your mind on whether a new walk-in tub is for you. You can also call them to schedule a free in-home visit. Our professionals will visit your home to provide you with a free design estimate.

Luxury and Safety

Five Star Bath Solutions of Long Island can provide you with an array of walk-in tub designs. We strongly recommend seniors to get a walk-in tub. Showers can pose a hazard for seniors. Walk-in tubs minimize that risk. Anyone suffering from a mobility challenges or are handicapped or disabled should install a walk-in tub or upgrade their existing one with a more modern and advanced solution and reduce the risk of slips and falls.

According to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), 2/3 of injuries that occur in the bathroom happen near the tub or shower. Most of these bathroom injuries occur when a person raises their leg to enter the tub. Additionally, for support, they tend to put their back against the glass door of the shower, and this can increase their risk of suffering from a grave injury.

You are more susceptible to experiencing an injury in the bathroom over the age of 65 because of decreased mobility, improper balance, and poor eyesight. In short, 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 fall down in the bathroom each year.

You can reduce your risk by installing a walk-in tub that offers you a plethora of safety features. You can sit in your bathtub to relax and forget about your worries.

Stress-free Walk-in Installation


Five Star Bath Solutions of Long Island can determine the dangers associated with showers and outdated bathtubs, thus allowing us to create tried-and-tested solutions. We aim to design a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable space for you.

Senior citizens require a relaxing and safe bathing experience, which only a walk-in tub designed by us can provide them. Our walk-in tub provides them with several therapeutic benefits. Our dual hydrotherapy system increases mobility, improves sleep, boosts energy, and alleviates pain. Our bathtub also provides you with the freedom you need to enjoy a safe and relaxing bathing experience.

Premium Quality Products is Our Guarantee

Your health, comfort, and safety come first. Our vast selection of walk-in tubs provides you with several options, thus increasing your chances of finding the right one for your bathroom.

Walk-In Tubs

Our walk-in tub includes a hydrotherapy system and safety features to increase your energy levels and reduce your pain. Our handicap features include anti-slip grab bars and a built-in, low-step wall. You can test out the various hydrotherapy functions you have such as water jets.

Two-in-One Solution: Walk-in Tub with Shower

Our two-in-one solution provides with the ultimate combo of a walk-in tub with shower. Our combo solution allows you to take a quick shower and have a relaxing soak. Some features included in our walk-in tub with shower is a shower wand, easy to reach control, and massaging water jets.

Five Star Bath Solutions of Long Island manufactures all their products in the United States. With a team of experienced professionals working for them, your walk-in tub will be installed correctly the first time around. You can customize and upgrade your walk-in tub as well. Some of the standard features, at no additional cost, come with every walk-in tub include:

  • Air jet systems
  • Anti-mildew and mold resistant coating
  • Aromatherapy and hydrotherapy systems
  • Lifetime guaranteed door seal
  • Fast flow drain to reduce waiting time
  • Fits in perfectly at bathtub opening site
  • Easy to use, handheld shower nozzle and faucet handles
  • Heated seat and backrest
  • Low step-in wall to enter and exit the bathtub with ease
  • Three color options

In-Home Free Consultations

Get in touch with Five Star Bath Solutions of Long Island for a free in-home consultation for your walk-in bathtub installation. Contact us at (516) 347-2701 today to schedule a consultation.