Wall Surrounds

Long Island Tub and Shower Wall Systems


If there is something we get a lot at Five Star Bath Solutions of Long Island, it is orders to customize bathroom wall surrounds. Customers are understandably very particular when they look for a great design for their bathroom remodeling. It’s understandable that your bathroom should have a look that is impressive but also be comfortable.

We’ve got many styles that you may like; from the earthy and homely to the futuristic and dark, if you so choose. Not only do these exist in any color or style you want, but they are sorted according to price and bathroom type. Of course, all through this process, we will guide you every step of the way.

A Variety of Colors And Styles

It has been psychologically observed that colors and shapes have a subtle effect on the human mind. You can walk into a room immediately and notice that the lighting is off. If the room is dim, you can feel uneasy. If it’s too bright, you can feel overwhelmed. If the type of lighting is making you uncomfortable, it can even result in mood changes if there is long-term exposure. We keep all of that in mind when remodeling your bathroom.

Our grout-free tiles will make cleaning your bathroom much easier. With no excess grout between the tiles to worry about and resistance to bacteria and mildew build-up, you can relax, knowing that no infestation can fester unchecked in your bathroom.

Accessories & Additions

Of course it’s not all about the colors and styles of the wall surrounds, but the content of the bathroom itself. After all, a great container is useless when there’s nothing of substance in it. We have walk-in bathtubs and customized shower heads and whirlpool jets.

There are also soap dishes which will all be properly adjusted into the remodeling. All of this will blend into the bathroom.

Your Needs Are Our Instructions


Different people have different preferences for their bathrooms. We’ve been doing this for over ten years, so we know that there can be some outlandish and mundane requests. No matter, we’re here to serve.

We also recognize that there may be a lot of things you’d like to keep from your old bathroom. Our experts in design can successfully incorporate those elements into the remodeled design.

We are also aware that some of our customers have certain physical limitations that need to be accounted for. For them, we have specially installed rails and seats in bathtubs. They also get to experience therapeutic whirlpool jets within the bathtubs and customized massage shower heads that will help in easing their pain.

Innovation in Design

Our products come with a lifetime warranty attached to them. You have literally nothing to worry about if anything breaks or rubs off.

We are also constantly updating our catalogue and incorporating the latest designs and looking out for the latest technology in personal hygiene and bath care. Our experts at Five Star Bath Solutions of Long Island will offer you the most incredible deals on bathroom remodeling that will allow you to purchase the best designs at a fair price.

We’re eager to hear from you so please call us for all your bathroom remodeling needs.

Five Star Bath Solutions of Long Island is the best choice for creating your dream bathroom.