Wall Surrounds

Mount Laurel Tub and Shower Wall Systems


Creating tub and shower wall surrounds has been our specialty at Five Star Bath Solutions of Mount Laurel. We are experienced with so many different choices and combinations that we’ve become experts in this niche. We’ve got tub and shower wall surrounds that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also grout free so they are easy to keep clean.

Five Star Bath Solutions of Mount Laurel approaches the tiling of your bathroom walls and floors with the utmost precision and meticulousness. We make sure that you get the combination of colors and functionality that you deserve. We offer the best tile materials and options so that your bathroom remains grout-free.

Bathroom Accessories

A bathroom, like any room of the house, comes to life when you pay attention to the little things. These include shelving, shower caddies, soap dishes, and built-in benches. Customizing all of these to fit your needs is no problem.

We can prioritize making your shelves as sturdy as you want them to be or as aesthetically pleasing as possible. We can make custom soap dishes and create benches in your bathroom that are extra resistant to mildew and mold.

Finishing Touches

Raised sinks, custom benches, specially-built tubs and glass doors are all within our realm for the perfect bathroom remodeling. We realize it’s important to you to ensure that the bathroom is a place in your home where you can relax without a care.

The one thing that makes a room perfect for anyone varies considerably. However, whatever that one thing is, you can count on Five Star Bath Solutions of Mount Laurel to make sure it’s installed in just the way you want it.

Innovation in Design

Our materials are made of multi-layered acrylic that can withstand force, wear and tear as well as weathering. We also make sure that any bacteria, mildew or mold does not go unchecked within our design.

Due to grime-resistant materials and low maintenance options given to you by Five Star Bath Solutions of Mount Laurel, you no longer need to scrub floors and walls with brute force. You need not expend effort where none is needed.

We have the best and most efficient services to ensure cost-effective precision bathroom remodeling. Contact Five Star Bath Solutions of Mount Laurel today to get your FREE estimate.