Popular Bathroom Flooring Materials

Bathroom flooring is an important element of any bathroom design. Selecting the wrong materials may cost you more money in the future due to water damage and possible rot caused by trapped moisture. There are many options to choose from for your new bathroom floor. Take into consideration some of the following floor coverings for your new bathroom design.

Many homeowners fail to realize is that the type of flooring used in other parts of your home won’t necessarily offer the same benefits in the bathroom. For instance, laminate and solid wood can’t withstand the rigors of damp atmosphere as well as other surfaces. Regular water splashes can actually cause swelling and warping in your wooden flooring. Carpet on the other hand, tends to smell and rot with constant dampness and becomes very difficult to clean.

Inspired bathroom flooring not only gives your bathrooms a makeover, but also offers durable and long term solution to your needs. Let’s take a look at the popular bathroom flooring materials that can offer long term use and transform your showers into revitalizing retreats!

Bathroom Flooring Options

One of the main considerations in choosing bathroom flooring is moisture. For this reason you want to select flooring that is resistant to water damage. Over time, moisture can develop on the wrong kind of flooring making it impractical and a growing ground for significant water damage in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the popular bathroom flooring options with their pros and cons of installation in bathrooms.


  • Linoleum – A resilient material that can revert back to its original shape. Not only is it incredibly durable, but it also maintains colors and patterns well. Linoleum is fairly easy to install, requires low maintenance, is soft underfoot and best of all, has impressive variety in available colors and patterns. That being said, linoleum can emit fumes for 2 to 4 weeks after installation. On another note, if it is not maintained regularly, it can show signs of aging fairly quickly. Overall, a good material for bathroom flooring


  • Vinyl – Very practical and comes in both tile and sheet forms. Vinyl offers an extensive variety in colors, textures, and designs, and is relatively cheaper than other materials. A possible downside is that vinyl tiles can loosen after a few years of installation. On the other hand, sheet vinyl can be difficult to install. Overall, a very practical and aesthetically pleasing material.


  • Tile – Tiles, can have a natural rich texture and solid feel depending on the material you choose for your tile. Just like vinyl, they’re also waterproof and affordable. What makes tiles standout is the sheer variety in tile material and different textures and styles available. Tiles are fairly easy to clean as well. However, tiles can be slippery and are generally cold, so they don’t really go well with colder climates. Overall, a great material for bathroom flooring.
Popular Bathroom Flooring Image

There are a wide array of colors and materials to choose from for flooring tile.

  • Carpet – A straight NO for any bathroom flooring because moisture and carpet don’t go together in any instance.


  • Wood – Wood is better than carpet in bathroom flooring, but still not a great choice. While it offers exceptional warmth and aesthetic appeal in washrooms, it tends to wear and tear quickly in high moisture areas. However, you can always get engineered wood that works like a charm in washrooms. Overall, not an advisable material for your bathroom floor.
Popular Bathroom Flooring Image

Wood floors are not recommended for bathrooms, if you like the wood look go for faux wood.

  • Bamboo – Has become a popular material in recent years and offers an eco friendly incentive. Bamboo is easy to maintain, offers durability, is relatively affordable and  offers amazing appeal. On the downside, it lacks hardness and is prone to water damage and humidity. Overall, it’s not really a great bathroom flooring material, but fantastic otherwise.


  • Cork – Offers an amazing feel that is soft and comfortable to walk on. It offers both noise and heat insulation, and is a natural hypoallergenic with antimicrobial properties that fends off dust and dirt. Unless you’re applying a proper sealer, cork will get water damage and is also prone to everyday damage. Overall, a good material, but not as good for bathrooms.


  • Acid Stained Concrete – The material offers greater durability than other materials listed here and gives a glossy shine. Not only is it easy to maintain, but acid stained concrete offers various design options for a relatively low price. Installation requires perfection. It is also a cold material, and should be incorporated in hotter climates. Overall, a good, durable material, but requires exceptional care in installation.
Popular Bathroom Flooring Image

You might be surprised at all the concrete flooring options there are to choose from.

Other Factors to Consider

Heated floor systems are becoming increasingly common in homes and allows you flexibility in choosing bathroom flooring. For instance, with a heated flooring system, you can install acid stained concrete, tiles, vinyl or ceramic, even in the colder parts of the world and avoid frozen feet in the morning. A heated floor system will ensure that warmth remains prevalent and the aesthetic appeal in your bathroom rooms remains intact.

Popular Bathroom Flooring

Heated flooring will feel really good on your toes in the morning and balance out the cold of stone or concrete tile.

Always put the cost of removal, material purchase and installation into consideration. While concrete is generally inexpensive to purchase, its installation in bathrooms can be expensive. Similarly, installing linoleum is relatively cheap, but the material itself is expensive.

Choosing the right bathroom flooring can help you blend your bathrooms with your home décor. However, without proper consideration, you’re only going to empty your purse sooner than you anticipated. Consider and choose wisely.

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