Prepare Yourself to Avoid Any Common Mistakes

Power of the Shower: Problems Edition

Of the many comforts modern life has to offer, a hot shower is one of the best! But not every home has a shower readily available, especially in older buildings. 

If you’re thinking about turning your old bathtub into a comfortable shower space, read on to find out what conversion pitfalls to avoid. These tips just might save you a world of pain!

Don’t Overlook Drains, Steam, and Lighting

Plumbing and design issues can lead to frustrating inconveniences and even injuries in converted showers. Here are some details not to overlook before you start planning and picking out materials.


One of the worst things you can experience in any shower is a rising swamp of dirty, soapy water at your feet. Gross, right? So do not let this happen in your brand new shower!

Shower drain

Make sure to test the drainage system right away. If your water pressure and showerhead are too much for the drain to handle, you will want to notice the problem and fix it long before stepping in for your first shower.

Ick factor aside, ineffective drains are a serious safety hazard. Pooling water in your shower will slosh onto your bathroom floor as you step out, leaving behind puddles and dangerously slick spots. Keep your bathroom clean, enjoyable, and accident-free by checking your shower drain’s performance early on.


Steam is hardly an issue when using a bathtub, but showers are a whole other story. Moisture from long, hot showers wreaks total havoc on your bathroom over time (and eventually on your wallet) if left unchecked.

Shower steam

Excessive humidity in bathrooms can cause:

  • Water damage
  • Mold growth
  • Bacteria growth

The best way to avoid expensive renovations and adverse health effects is simple. Give steam an escape. Install a fan in your bathroom strong enough to clear the steam, or crack a window open if you have one. Leaving the bathroom door open after showering helps ventilate the space as well.

Be sure you incorporate a plan to let the steam escape in your shower conversion. 


Shower curtains and floor-to-ceiling shower doors can limit the reach of existing bathroom lights and naturally-occurring window light in unexpected ways. Lighting directly impacts how comfortable you feel in any space. When it comes to showers, low light is not only an inconvenience—it can become a safety hazard.

Bathroom Lighting

Take a look at your budget and design preferences to see what lighting tweaks you can make. Consider that steam from your shower also may affect lighting. If you’re not confident that your current lighting is bright enough, err on the side of caution. Inset shower lights are a great option to consider. 

Better safe than sorry!

Tile vs. Waterproof Panels

Did you know that tile is actually not the best (or only) option for your bathroom floors and showers? As most people don’t realize this, keep reading to learn about the best options for lining your shower walls and floors.


Contrary to popular belief, tile wasn’t designed to be exposed to a lot of water! Tiles have become popular for use in bathrooms for aesthetics, rather than functionality. Unfortunately, tile is often expensive, high-maintenance, and frequently in need of checkups—especially when it comes to the grout.

Bathroom tiles

Grout is porous and especially prone to water damage, so it needs to be sealed frequently (every 6-12 months). But sealing isn’t foolproof. The porous nature of grout allows water and bacteria to seep in easily, resulting in warps, cracks, and even mold over time.

Water damage is the biggest threat to longevity in any bathroom. If you insist on using tile and grout, be our guest! Just know what you’re getting into and make sure you can afford the maintenance.


Feeling turned off by tile? Consider waterproof panels instead. 

Waterproof panels

Five Star Bath Solutions uses modern technology to make waterproof panels that are:

  • Clean
  • Safe
  • Stylish
  • Long-lasting (and therefore budget-friendly)

Waterproof panels eliminate the need for grout, so you can avoid damage, bacteria, and unsightly growths. It is more affordable than tile and looks like natural stone, but is much less expensive. With waterproof panels, you can get the shower aesthetic you want without compromising on price or quality—plus easier maintenance!

Five Star Bath Solutions’ waterproof panels are top-of-the-line and guaranteed 100% waterproof for life. All projects are backed by a lifetime warranty. Click here to start designing your new shower with us!

Choose the Right Contractor

Most of us aren’t in a position to convert a tub into a shower on our own. Thankfully, contractors are just a call away! But how do you avoid choosing the wrong contractor and accidentally wasting thousands of dollars?

You have lots of choices, and deciding who would be best to work with can feel overwhelming. 

Here is a checklist of 6 items to look for as you evaluate contractor options:

  1. License and insurance
  2. Warranties
  3. Past work
  4. Years in business
  5. Reviews/testimonials
  6. Suppliers

Cost doesn’t necessarily equal quality. You do not need the most expensive contractor to get the job done right. Take the time to do proper research and you’ll feel that much more confident when you find the right contractor.

Not sure where to start? Consider our technicians at Five Star Bath Solutions! Here is what you get when you hire our team to help with your bathroom projects:

  • Fully licensed and insured professionals
  • Transferable, lifetime warranty
  • Before and after photos of past work
  • 50+ years of combined experience
  • An average customer rating of 4.9 stars based on tens of thousands of reviews
  • Access to the best materials money can buy
  • Installers trained and certified by Five Star Bath Solutions
  • Drug screens and background checks

Five Star Bath Solutions is your one-stop shop and the first step towards giving your bathroom new life. Give us a call at 855-970-BATH to get started the easy way!

Know What You Want

Indecisiveness and choices made under pressure can really hurt, especially when your budget is at stake. The best way to avoid mistakes, regrets, and other mishaps is to plan thoroughly before you start working on your shower conversion project. 

Sit down to consider and even write your thoughts on these questions:

  • What are some quirks about your space that might pose problems? 
  • What design are you looking for? Do you have picture examples?
  • How can you maximize safety? 
  • What accessibility concerns should be taken into account? 

Do some research on the practicality of the designs you have in mind. Have other people found problems with highly aesthetic but impractical designs? Are there articles you can read and videos you can watch showing and explaining the process?

Avoid reinventing the wheel and try to learn from the guidance of reliable people if possible. 

There’s no need to be embarrassed to ask your contractor questions before work begins! Paying customers should always feel well-informed before making a decision.

Ultimately, be confident in your plan, but be open to pivoting if necessary.

Feeling Ready to Move Forward?

Converting your old tub into a convenient, cozy shower can be life-changing. You’ll have a lot to plan for, but it’s not hard when you’re prepared!

Now that you’ve read this guide on common mistakes, rest easy knowing you’re equipped with strategies and tips from real professionals.

Your dream bathroom is one big step closer to becoming a reality!

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