Reasons to Hire a Contractor to Remodel Your Bathroom

Although the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, according to most bathroom renovation contractors, it is the most labor intensive area to renovate. The smaller it is, the more challenging it can be to nail the final outcome you expect. This is because, only within a few square feet of space, you will need to take care of a number of things like electrical wiring, plumbing, tiling, cabinets and a lot more!

Thus it makes sense to hire bathroom renovation contractors instead of diving into the job yourself. Think of it like this - if you do it yourself, and make a huge mistake, you will end up hiring a contractor anyway and pay additional money to have it fixed. So why not just hire one from the start?

The best place to start your search for a reliable bathroom renovation contractor is among your friends and family members who have worked with such professionals. You can also look around for local listings on the internet and call a renovation expert who seems experienced and has numerous completed projects to show for it.

On the whole, there are multiple reasons to hire a bathroom renovation contractor:

The Professional Looks

If you have your power tools all set up already, turn the switch off and ask yourself - Once you are done, will it look like a professional job? This is the deciding point, as you may actually end up nailing your dream bathroom goals, but it may look slapdash rather than stylish.

Most likely, you have seen a friend’s bathroom where all the fixtures were stained and dripping, the tiles were loose and misaligned, or the toilet was leaking at the back. Consider these warning signs of how bad a DIY bathroom renovation can be. Nothing can replace the aesthetics a professional bathroom renovation contractor can help you achieve.

The Turnaround

Do you consider yourself a weekend warrior who thinks they can complete the entire bathroom renovation project over a weekend? If so, those are pretty good intentions, but it is likely to take you weeks and even months to get the job done on your own.

In most cases, you work all week and have commitments waiting for you on the weekend, so finding free time to dedicate to renovation is kind of impossible. Oh, and every day that goes by makes the family a little more anxious too.

So instead, hire a reliable bathroom renovation contractor, and you will get the benefit of construction and design professionals, putting in 8 hours a day to ensure the project is completed in the least amount of time.

Renovation Contractors Have Professional Networks

As bathroom renovation contractors have been in the business longer than you have actually been thinking of renovating it yourself, they have connections with wholesalers and bathroom supply dealers who can cut them in on good deals. If you have to purchase all the supplies yourself, you could find yourself standing confused at your local home improvement store, paying outrageous prices, with little to no knowledge of the best brands.

You might actually end up paying more for the materials, than the bathroom renovation contractor would charge with the labor included.

They Have a Team

Your bathroom renovation will require a team of experts. We are talking about designers, construction experts, electricians, plumbers, contractors, and someone to oversee each step of the project. Here are a few key professionals your bathroom renovation contractor would bring in, and who can certainly do the same job that would take you hours, in minutes.

Electricians - Behind every bathroom wall is a complete web of wires and pipes. One wrong move and you could increase fire hazards by tenfold. On top of everything else, since the bathroom is a smaller space where electricity and water can easily say ‘hello’ to each other, this is reason enough to bring in an electrician.

Plumber - If you do wish to manage something yourself, stick to décor rather than going for plumbing. Unless you are an experienced professional, it is better to let your bathroom renovation contractor bring in a reliable plumber.

Tile Installers - Take a walk around your bathroom. Do you notice how each tile is cut precisely and fit into place? This is the work of a tile layer who has the tools and experience to align bathroom tiles in a way that they withstand all the water wear and foot traffic. Your bathroom renovation contractor might also be able to help slip in a sweet deal on heated floors with the tile layer. Better still, forget tile and have a solid shower wall system installed that is guaranteed for the life of the house.

Carpenter - The carpenter will be responsible for installing customized cabinets, windows, and any other wooden accessories you are looking for. The experienced carpenter your bathroom renovation contractor brings in will leave the space looking precisely like you wanted.

To top everything off, a reliable contractor will be able to give you guarantees for the time the project will take, the quality of the results, and more importantly, a realistic budget. At Five Star Bath Solutions, we are all encompassing bathroom renovation experts. One contractor is all you need to get your bathroom fully remodel, within your budget and a set time frame. Some projects takes as little as one day, to complete, depending on the job.  

So, pack the tools back in and ask around for the most reliable bathroom renovation contractor that can help you achieve your ideal vision of a luxurious, stylish and modern bathroom!