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    Sandy Springs Shower to Tub Conversions

    shower-to-tub-conversionShower to tub conversions can be difficult to handle especially if you are low on budget. If you are unsure of how to get through such a conversion, then Five Star Bath Solutions of Sandy Springs offers you relief from all your worries.

    We are one of the best bathroom remodeling experts in Sandy Springs and insist on providing the highest quality. Our expert professionals offer the following beneficial advantages:


    Do you believe that shower to tub conversions are costly? Wrong! The right solution is all about finding the ideal products. This is where Five Star Bath Solutions of Sandy Springs is different from the competition. Our experts always remain within your budget and suggest to you the best available tub solutions.

    The process starts with our representative visiting your property and then providing you a fair estimate and the available options for installing a tub in place of the shower. This allows you to compare these options systematically and select the winner. Five Star Bath Solutions of Sandy Springs provides affordable solutions that are always within your budget.

    Exemplary Service Standard

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Sandy Springs has a team of expert professionals who always maintain their highest standards, regardless of the scope of a particular shower to tub conversion product.

    We have a team of expert installers. These professionals are the top in their field and are focused on maintaining their high-quality standards. They are never satisfied until they have provided the best set of services to our clients in Sandy Springs. This means that you always get exemplary service!

    One-Day Renovations

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Sandy Springs understands that you need your home all the time. It is difficult to stay away at someplace else during a renovation project. We resolve this issue by carrying out one-day bathtub conversions. Our quick services allow you to get a completely renovated bathtub solution with a turnaround period of a single day.

    Our experts ensure that the clients are happy with these conversions and leave no stone unturned in terms of service quality and the finishing standard of product installations.

    The Amazing Benefits

    shower-to-tub-conversionFive Star Bath Solutions of Sandy Springs offers the best set of services. Our experts are certified professionals and provide top-notch services. You find that there is everything to like about our shower to tub conversions.

    Since our experts already create the ideal renovation designs, they are able to offer the following benefits to each renovation project in Sandy Springs:

    • We only use products from top vendors. These are the products that always work ideally in your bathroom.
    • We install products with a lifetime warranty. This covers any unfortunate product failure.
    • You always get multiple product options.
    • We provide a customer-focused renovation project.
    • We have a team of local experts.

    Custom Installations

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Sandy Springs understands that it is not possible to use the available solutions all the time. Our experts have the required experience to work out customized solutions for your specific needs. We can install custom-sized bathtubs and also work around the space, which is available in a particular project area.

    Ideal Conversions

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Sandy Springs understands how ideal conversions are performed. We have experts that ensure that each shower to tub conversion is perfect and there is nothing left which may later cause an issue. Our experts provide you a bathroom solution that you can immediately use.

    Are you thinking about installing a bathtub? Think no more and simply call us at (770) 285-0987. Five Star Bath Solutions of Sandy Springs will provide you a shower to tub conversion that will be precise, affordable and simply the best!

      Update your bath in as little as one day.