Shower to Tub Conversion

Tampa Bay Shower to Tub Conversions


If you’re planning to finally get your bathroom remodeled, there must be a lot of ideas in your mind that you want to give shape to. You’ll find a lot of contractors that will claim to make your dreams a reality, but not all of them can actually do that. Bathroom remodeling, especially customized bathroom remodeling projects, requires expertise and experience that not everyone has.

One of our areas of expertise at Five Star Bath Solutions of Tampa Bay is shower conversions. You no longer have to take showers in the conventional bathtubs which, we agree, are pretty dull and boring. With Five Star Bath Solutions, you can now shower in style with our modern walk-in showers! Gone are the days when bathing seemed like a task. With our latest shower options, we promise that you’ll look forward to your bathing sessions!

Modern Designs

We offer plenty of modern shower and bathtub designs for you to choose from. However, the best thing about having Five Star Bath Solutions of Tampa Bay take care of your bathroom remodeling is the customization and personalization. You can communicate what it is that you’ve got in your mind, and we’ll make sure we cater to your wishes the best way we can in the budget that you’ve set.

Safe Showering

We offer safe shower designs so that people of all ages can have a safe and enjoyable shower. We don’t just install the shower, but we also make sure that all the safety features are also incorporated. 

Five Star Bath Solutions ensures that the bathroom doesn’t pose any slip hazards. Some of the most prominent features of our shower systems that make getting shower conversions from us worthwhile include:

·       Anti-slip flooring

·       Shower benches

·       Shower rails and bars

·       Walk-in tubs

·       Low-curb shower entry

·       Handheld showerheads

High-Quality Material

We use high-quality materials that make our shower installations highly reliable and durable. We don’t just focus on the style and safety but on the durability as well, so our customers can enjoy a fault-less, finest quality bathroom for years to come. 

Whether you plan to get a walk-in tub installed or stand-in shower with a glass surround, you can rest assured that you wouldn’t have to spend any of your precious dollars on getting any repair work done later on.


Another reason to choose Five Star Bath Solutions of Tampa Bay for your shower conversion is we use materials that require low maintenance. The tubs, shower fixtures, glass shower doors, and everything else associated with the tub conversion requires minimal maintenance. They’re all stain, scratch, mold, and mildew-resistant. So you don’t have to worry about scrubbing your tub clean of the mildew or getting the shower fixtures replaced due to rust.

Expert Installers Same Day Installation


We’ve got a team of highly trained, expert installers who can work on any type of shower conversion, no matter how technical or how complicated it is. Our experts make sure that your new shower system is highly functional and convenient in use, which is why you wanted it done in the first place, right?

If you think getting a tub conversion is going to take days, you can rest assured that it won’t be the case with Five Star Bath Solutions of Tampa Bay. We offer same-day installation. Yes, you read that right! We can get done with the shower conversion in just a single day. There won’t be a week-long mess around your home. Our installers work promptly and swiftly and can get done with the tub installation the same day. There isn’t anybody in the market who can beat that!

Proprietary Installation

We at Five Star Bath Solutions follow proprietary installation procedures. Our finest-quality equipment and cutting-edge technology that we use ensure excellent results every time. You’ll be amazed at the perfection of the installation yourself!

Long-Term Warranties

We understand spending so much on bathroom upgrades can be a tough choice for many people. For this reason, we offer long-term warranties so that you can always get in touch if you ever need us again.

Now it’s time to get started. Call (813) 497-4076 today to set your free appointment.