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Professional Bathroom Remodelers for Temple


Five Star Bath Solutions is the best bathroom remodeler you can find in Temple. We rely on top quality products to give a fresh look to your bathroom. Our customized designs are not just about style but also about durability. Working with highly skilled and experienced staff, we aim to deliver the best service. Whether you have a small bathroom that you want to upgrade for a more spacious room or have a worn-out one that needs major renovation, we know exactly how to bring it to life.

Below are the top four reasons why Five Star Bath Solutions is your best choice for bathroom remodeling in Temple.

#1. Top Quality Products

When choosing a bathroom remodeling company, most homeowners' biggest concern is the quality of the products being installed. Even with the most skilled hands, your entire bathroom remodeling process can go down the drain if inferior quality materials are used.

At Five Star Bath Solutions, we ensure that only the best quality products are used so you end up with a bathroom that looks as good as new! 

To ensure that you worry less about your bathroom remodeling spending, we work directly with manufacturers instead of wholesalers and retailers to ensure that you get the best possible products at the best possible prices.

Moreover, we don't work with every manufacturer who deals with bathroom remodeling accessories. Instead, we pick and choose only the best manufacturers in town who offer durable and superior quality products. So whatever you are looking for, one thing is for sure – You will get the best quality products from the top manufacturers at the most affordable rates.

#2. Skilled and Experienced Workforce

When it comes to technical tasks like bathroom remodeling, even the best quality products may be worthless if not installed properly or are dealt with unprofessionally. And this is one of the many reasons why we never encourage DIY bathroom remodeling.

At Five Star Bath Solutions of Temple, we select and hire trained and experienced professionals who understand their clients' exact remodeling needs, execute their ideas promptly to complete their projects.

When you choose Five Star Bath Solutions for your bathroom renovation project, you only deal with professionals who have extensive bathroom remodeling experience and know precisely how to get their job done. 

And let's not forget the value our team can add to your remodeling process. By using top-quality products installed by top-tier technicians, we can have your old bathroom removed and your new one completed all within 24 hours!

When you work with us, you get a complete package where you get durable bathroom solutions from the most skilled and experienced technicians.

Our people are indeed our assets, which is just another reason what makes Five Star Bath Solutions the most reliable bathroom remodeler in Temple. 


When planning bathroom remodeling, homeowners usually look for ideas and styles to give a new look to their old fashioned and outdated bathrooms. And this won’t happen unless your bathroom remodeling company offers solutions that stand out.

At Five Star Bath Solutions, we offer a wide variety of designs, product patterns, ideas, and customizations so you can choose and pick the one that best meets your needs.

Some of the customization options that we offer include:

  • Customized glass shower doors,
  • Jacuzzis and whirlpool tubs,
  • Walk-in tubs,
  • Marble bathroom baseboards,
  • Customized vanity tops,
  • Wall surrounds and
  • Shower conversions.

#4. Timely Installations

At Five Star Bath Solutions of Temple, we care for your convenience and realize that your time is valuable. So we ensure that you get a timely remodeling of your bathroom that causes minimal disruption to your routine. 

To get started on your bathroom remodeling, visit our online appointment calendar to book your own appointment or call us at (254) 277-6010 to get started.