Shower to Tub Conversion

The Hill Country Shower to Tub Conversions

Let's admit it; bathtubs take up a lot of space. Though they are typically associated with luxury and elegance, these fixtures can make your bathroom look cramped and visually cluttered. If you truly want to redo your space and give it a completely new appearance, you will surely love our state-of-the-art shower conversions. 

Five Star Bathroom Solutions of The Hill Country can replace your old and dated bathtub with a modern walk-in shower without taking a huge chunk out of your savings. Our experienced technicians will use their expertise to free up some precious square footage, so your bathroom can look and feel bigger. We also ensure our shower conversions are functional, attractive, and accessible for each member of your household.

So, what makes us the top bathroom remodelers in The Hill Country? Let’s find out.

Premium Designs 

We excel in delivering quality. Our consultants are well-versed in the latest design trends and will guide you towards the best solutions for your bathroom woes. We also provide our customers with an extensive range of color schemes, patterns, textures, and materials to choose from. 

Furthermore, our free in-home consultations allow us to learn all about your hopes and dreams for the shower conversion, enabling us to select the best designs that complement your budget.

Safety Features

We aspire to create a bathroom that is safe and secure for people of all ages. So, whether you have senior adults or young children in the household, you can trust Five Star Bath Solutions to create a spacious sanctuary that reduces the risk of slips and falls. 

Let’s look at some of our most sought-after safety products and features:

  • Shower bars and rails
  • Slip-resistant shower floors
  • Built-in shower benches 
  • Low curb shower entry
  • Modern walk-in tubs
  • Handheld showerheads

High-Quality Material

Our shower conversions are works of art. 

At Five Star Bath Solutions of The Hill Country, all of our fixtures are made from top-of-the-line material that will last for decades. We partner with top vendors to create pieces that are unique and will add style and sophistication to your space.

Minimal Maintenance 

One of the best things about our products is that they require minimal maintenance. They don’t need excessive scrubbing or harsh chemicals, so rest assured, your bathroom will look spotless and shiny for years to come.

Our innovative shower wall systems, beautiful flooring, glass shower doors, and other fixtures are highly resistant to scratches and stains. Moreover, our fixtures come with an additional coating of a waterproofing sealant, which protects your bathroom from mold and mildew infestation. 

Highly Trained Technicians

Five Star Bath Solutions of The Hill Country only hires technicians who are excellent at what they do and know all about the latest installation techniques. 

Our talented crew will convert your tub into a walk-in shower without causing any inconvenience to you or your family. In addition, they will ensure a seamless transformation and prioritize your comfort and approval over everything else.

Same Day Installations

Our knowledge of proprietary installation methods enables us to complete your shower conversion in as little as one day. We even bring along additional materials to prevent any unnecessary hiccups or last-minute delays. 

So, if you are worried about the duration of our remodels, please note that you will only have to wait for a day to see your new walk-in shower.

Long-Term Warranties

Five Star Bath Solutions provides warranties to all its customers. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with any aspect of your shower conversion, please feel free to contact us.

Get Started Today!

Do you want to give your bathroom an ultimate makeover? Well, there’s no better time than right now to turn dreams into reality.

Please get in touch with Five Star Bath Solutions of The Hill Country at (512) 991-3249 to set up a free in-home consultation today.