Walk-In Tubs

The Palm Beaches Walk-In Tub Installers


If you’re concerned about safety in your bathroom, the Five Star Bath Solutions’ walk-in tub is what you need. You may have seen them in various baby boomer and senior homes around The Palm Beaches, but you’re probably not aware of the various different features they come with.

Depending on the needs of users, walk-in tubs not only have an entry/exit door but also come with built-in seats, grab bars, and similar safety features. You don’t even have to take down your existing bathtub or renovate your entire bath area to install them. You can choose to build them into your existing bathtub or shower area or opt for a freestanding tub.

Why Install Walk-In Tubs?

As we age, our physical capabilities tend to diminish and our mobility challenges increase day by day. Our eyesight weakens, we tend to lose our balance more often and become less mobile. Besides seniors, handicapped or disabled individuals remain susceptible to fall risks, particularly in bathrooms. According to studies, slip and falls cases occur more often in bathrooms than any other area in your house.

Within bathrooms, the shower or bath area is the most dangerous portion in this regard. Based on research by the Center for Disease Control, two-thirds of all bathroom injuries occur near the shower or tub area. The highest degree of fall risk is associated with stepping inside your bathtub, walking on a wet floor, and leaning on a glass door that wasn’t designed to support your weight. Older individuals such as those above 65 are most vulnerable to these risks. One in three persons in this age group experience falls every year.

To address these challenges, walk-in tubs can prove to be your personal escape and a deeply calming refuge. Not only do they promise a relaxing, warm bath, but they also ensure an incredible amount of convenience and safety. Specifically tailored for seniors and disabled people, walk-in tubs relieve you of stress, pains, and aches.

Your Ideal Walk-In Tub Solution


When it comes to bathroom safety and convenience, Five Star Bath Solutions of The Palm Beaches is an unbeatable option. Its walk-in tubs, consisting of a leak-proof door, promises safer and easier access, precluding the risks associated with high-sided tubs.

We strictly implement a customer-centric approach to customize the walk-in tubs based on your specific needs and wants. Among the most commonly ordered options include whirlpool jets, built-in seats, and safety equipment including the ADA-compliant grab bars.

Our walk-in tubs also offer a number of therapeutic benefits. The tubs come with a dual hydrotherapy system that helps increase mobility, boost energy, improve sleep, and relieve pain.

Features designed for handicapped users include built-in grab bars, anti-slip surfaces, and low step-in. Once you've stepped into the walk-in tub, the hydro-therapeutic soaking tub features such as the massaging water jets offer the most fulfilling bathing experience.

How We Serve You

Installing walk-in tubs doesn’t have to be a messy or lengthy process. Possessing extensive experience, Five Star Bath Solutions of The Palm Beaches doesn’t take longer than a day to do the job. Once you've decided to transform your bathroom to be safer and more accessible, our expert staff will be more committed than ever to help you through every phase of the project.

We start with free in-home consultations, suggesting the best styles, colors, features, and accessories for the walk-in tubs to fit perfectly in your bathroom. Since our products are infused with ant-microbial and are made from high-quality acrylic, you won’t ever find yourself complaining about unhealthy microbes such as the build-up of mildew or mold.

As far as installing walk-in tubs is concerned, we’ll remodel your bathtub or fit a freestanding tub within a day.

What Next?

Our walk-in tubs not only ensure safe and accessible access to your shower area but also provide a spa-like and the most luxurious bathing experience you’ve ever had in your life.

To learn more about our wide range of bathtubs or the installation process, call Five Star Bath Solutions of The Palm Beaches at (561) 220-9968 today and try our free in-home consultation. Our dedicated team is always available to answer any of your questions.